GT DD PRO Stuck in PS Mode, can't cycle mode or Power off + Tuning menu "LOCKED"

My GT DD PRO started acting up this weekend:

  1. GT DD PRO boots up in PS Mode, can no no power off with button press.
  2. Can not cycle modes using power button or wheel button combo
  3. Tuning menu shows "LOCK" can't change to Advanced mode, just flashes "Switch Mode to Standard" when holding down tuning menu button

Updated firmware to 4.55 about 1 month ago and had no issues until yesterday. I tried the above with all 3 of my wheels and same issues (McLaren GT3 and two XBOX hubs with different wheel rims). I also tried re-seating and re-torquing center shaft and the USB C connector looks fine. I Also tried with no wheel or pedals attached and still same issues for #1 and #2. I can still play GT7 and ACC on the PS5 and everything works, just cant change to XBOX or PC mode or power off/

Anyone else run into this and have a solution? I opened a support ticket and uploaded a video as well

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