Grid 2008 ?

Has anyone been able to bind to this game? I tried pc and compatibility mode but neither connect. Just wondering if anyone has figured this out.




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    1) You will need to modify a couple of files in original games folders for it to detect your CSL DD and auto map all buttons for you (I have attached the new pre-made files for you, you will also have to press the correct loading button on you steering wheel everytime when the game first loads (It should be BUTTON 2 as is programmed in my replacement files), if you don't do this and hit the Enter button or XBox 360 joypad Button A it will lose all your wheel settings and configure game for keyboard or XBox Joypad.


    2) Copy the 2 files you download from the Google link below into the appropriate folders as shown, you game directories may be slightly different.

    3) For others that might want to get a Podium DD1 or DD2 to work, the "actionMapPreset1.xml" file needs to be copied from the google drive download link subdirectory with the Wheel base name of "Podium DD1" or Podium DD2".



  • Really appreciate your reply. Hoping I can try this tonight and report back.

    Thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unfortunately didn't work. Tried both pc and pc compat mode. The wheel spins and locks up in a upside down position and that's it, have to power off/on. Or sometimes wheel doesn't move. Wonder if I need an earlier FW version.

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    Just noticed you said you had a CSL DD +, I don't know of any such thing, is it the CSL DD with PS4 mode, or maybe the new CS DD +, either way the file I sent will not work for either of those as they have different GUID's that the game uses to identify the type of wheelbase.

    Re: the Wheel locking upside down, I don't know what causes that, but I did have that happen to me also when I was trying to get the original Dirt 2 (Not Dirt Rally 2) going, so game might be using the previous wheel bases config you used such as a logitech G-27 (in my case) or some other one as it hasn't detected you Fanatec Wheel base correctly yet due to those two files not containing the correct GUID.

    Doubt any FW revisions would make much difference, but you never know, also just stick to PC mode for this and don't use Compatiblity mode as that changes the GUID and name of your device to a "Fanatec Clubsport Wheel v2.5".

    1) You could sent me your complete Fanatec Logs or just get the name of your wheelbase as listed in the Windows Control Panel -> "Devices and Printers" section as this would show me its correct name so I can modify those files I sent you to match.

    2) Photo of Fanatec Config showing all hardware devices and FW revisions would be useful also.

  • I may have had a typo on the model on my 1st post. I have a GT DD pro (it does have the ps4 mode). Thought it was a plus.

    Here are some screenshots and logs. I did the shut down down from last nights testing and unsure if there's the correct information for you. Please let me know if you want me to run the game then save the log.

    On win 11, the control panel is a little different but in: devices-other devices- just says FANATEC Wheel (with no information), Not much on the device manager either.

    I believe the screenshots of Fanatec's control panel will give the information needed.

    Heading out for the holiday weekend, so I wouldn't be able to test any new files til Monday. Enjoy the 3 day weekend (if your US based).

    Really really appreciate all the work your helping me with !!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: Getting a error code of 403 when trying to upload.

    Here are my #s: GT DD pro w/boost kit 180



    Wheel base:

    Wheel base motor:

    Steering Wheel: 8

    Wireless QR:

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    I have updated the google drive link with more details and updates to help you more:

    The ACTIONMAP FOLDER now has subfolders for nearly all FANATEC BELT and DIRECT DRIVE Wheel Bases, along with a WINDOWS FANATEC ID FOLDER showing how to get the wheel base name and GUID from Windows device manager, so please post those when back from your excellent break.

    You could try downloading the new "actionMapPreset1.xml" in the root of the ACTIONMAP folder which is set for "FANATEC Wheel" and the new "devicesetup.xml" file in the FORCEFEEDBACK folder also.

    I still don't have all the correct WINDOWS DEVICE NAMES and GUID's for FANATEC Wheel Bases as I don't own all of them and can't test, so some of the configs may not work as I have made educated guess as to the names to use until I can verify the correct ones, that is why I am using my DD1 as an example as I own that one and I know it works with GRID.

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    Handy video to show how to check on Fanatec devices in Windows for fault finding.

  • You're the man/dog !!!!!!!!!

    It's displaying Fanatec wheel with preset 1.

    However, my camera view is off for all views. Looks like the camera is off the drivers back fender, looking sideways (right) at the vehicle. Same with in car driving, camera is looking to the right.

    Changed to preset custom and keyboards camera is fine in all views. Something in the action map?

    Here's the ids I could find that are PC mode only:

    compliant device: (Fanatec wheel)


    game controller:


    game contyroller 2:


    Can't thank you enough for all you hard work and patience.

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    Thanks for the Fanatec VID and PID figures as well as the Windows Device name, that definitely confirms what I had is correct.

    1) The camera problem is most likely because on my (F1 Wheel with APM), the camera view is on a Four way joystick with X and Y Mouse Axises.

    2) The (F1 Wheel + APM) top two paddles are extra buttons 62 and 63 that I use for the Pause Menu and Flashback feature.

    3) Got some more work for you if your up for it, re: the button mapping for the default GT DD Pro Steering Wheel.

    4) I have placed a photo of another persons work of the button numbering of the GT DD Pro Wheel, could you use that to verify they are all correct.

      I know button 1 and 2 are incorrect and need reversing.

    5) You could test with the DiView program as I don't thing windows DirectX supports button numbers over 32 or something like that.

    6) You will need to change the Grid actionmap1.xml file to your own liking, but I have done some change in a new subfolder (GT DD Pro Wheel) of ActionMaps.

      I have a modified profile for your GT DD Pro wheel uses the D-Pad / Funky Switch to look Left and Right, Up and Down.

      Buttons 1-12 should work as normal.

      Button Playstation "P" should be button 22.

      I changed my buttons on 61 and 62 to yours on buttons 100 and 104.

      I changed my buttons on 31 and 33 to yours on buttons 107 and 108.

      Funky Switch on Lower Right side is a bit sus, should be Middle Button Press = Button 25, what about up, down, left and right.

      Buttons (100, 99, 98, 97, 90) could be used for anything

      Buttons (95, 95, 94, 93, 89) could be used for anything

      Buttons (104, 103, 102 ,101, 91) could be used for anything

      Buttons (108, 107, 106, 105, 92) could be used for anything

    7) May have to modify some figures in the (Forcefeedback devicesetup.xml) file in the future as I find the forces to be strong myself, let me know how it feels for you.

    8) Thanks for the appreciation of the work I have put in to this and for supplying me with some much need info. I have a love hate relationship with all of the Grid Series, but I find I would rather play its arcade format than the true sims.

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    I don't see the photo of the other DDpro wheel diagram.

    On the DiView, the knobs/sticks aren't registering. But the buttons are:

    x -1

    O - 2

    triangle - 3

    square- 0

    gear shifter (right) - 4

    gear shifter (left) - 5

    l2 - 7

    r2 - 6

    l3 - 11

    r3 - 10

    PS button - 21

    3 slashes right (pause area) - 9

    3 up slashes (left) - 8

    I saw on google photos, someone posted a DD menu of Asseto Corsa that the numbers are 1 off of mine. I was able to bind to GT7 if that helps at all. I can see what those numbers are.

    I'm with you on the arcade. Love grid, was playing legends today. I do like GT7, but in moderation, do prefer cade style.

    I went up a folder on your google drive, I'm a MX bikes guy too :) I suck, but MX /SX is my favorite sport. Did it for 30 years in California. Sold my bikes when I moved to Florida.

    EDIT: interesting find. Launched grid and the angle was sideways, unhooked the DD wheel and put in the McLaren GT3 wheel and the view was perfect. Wonder why the DD wheel with the same action map is off?

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    I stuffed up again, forgot to copy over the new actionmaps1.xml file for you and to mention about the button numbering that the DirectX apps starts at 1 - 128, where as Codemaster actionmaps and Diview start at 0-127 or something like that.

    Redownload from this Google drive link to all Fanatec Belt and DD drives, you should see the all the subdirectories for the (CSL DD & GT DD Pro Wheelbase -> F1 Wheel with APM and GT DD Pro Wheel)

    For the actionmaps the button number you would use is the exact one from the reported buttons from Diview, which is 1 less than the DirectX button number you would see from say Windows game controllers test page or some Game configs.


    x - 1 = Windows DirectX button 2

    O - 2 = Windows DirectX button 3

    triangle - 3 = Windows DirectX button 4

    square - 0 = Windows DirectX button 1

    For Diview to show all devices and POV, etc, go to (Menu Edit -> Settings -> Watch Fields -> enable your wheel devices, etc.

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    Same picture I saw off goggle photos, believe that's the AC guy.

    Tried grid 2 last night and no go as well on the wheel. Tried direct input on the menu settings but grid didn't like it. Any tips on that one?

    I'll try out the new file out tonight,

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    Don't have Grid 2 myself, but as you go into later version of the Dirt3, 4, Grid Autosport and possibly Grid 2 they changed their device detection system to the more advanced detection of what device you want to use each time you enter the game.

    (The system I mentioned a while back, where you are prompted at the main Game Menu for "Enter" for keyboard controls, "A" button for XBox Controller or Button "10", "9" or "2" for Fanatec Wheel Base / Steering Wheel).

    The only way for the Steering controls to be loaded by default is the same as Grid Legends method, Press button "1" on Fanatec Steering Wheel.

    So for Grid 2 it means a new equivalent "actionmap.xml" and "FFBFeedback.xml" (The names and methods change between games slightly) has to be created the same as we did for Grid, its not until Grid 2019 and Grid Legends that they have quite a few Fanatec DD drives available with auto detection and have multiple usable Fanatec Steering Wheel actionmaps already pre-programmed Button and Axis.

  • Thanks for the info. On the weekend I can finally sit down and troubleshoot.

  • New action file works perfect, camera angle is straight and buttons work.

    Can't thank you enough !!!!!!!!!!!

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