There's hope for fanatec!!!

So after lurking for a couple weeks on the website and forums. I decided to take the plunge and place an order with fanatec. I only ordered one item which is the v3 pedals on 6/11 because I didn't want my shipment held. I just got an email saying my pedals are getting rdy to be shipped!


  • I'd wait a bit before claiming your hope. Got my "ready to ship" email 4 days ago, and still haven't received any updates. Checked today as well and one of the items which I had ordered is now sold out...

  • I also got the same email for the v3 pedals, and they are showing as Available in the US store. And my Podium F1 wheel/base is currently out for delivery today, so feeling more optimistic.

  • I also am in the same boat as a lot of you are but I still have hope , could went down the least expensive route got a logitech g29 but I want more and Fanatec fits tht bill. So we all decided to go this way and just at a point when Sim racing, simulator driving games, an iracing has exploded every one wants in on having there own racing rig , no more controller. on another hope lets hope my disability does not hamper me in being able to control the foot pedals I have 1 good leg and foot my right leg , my left leg not so great I'm a T-12 incomplete spinal injury I get around these days in a wheelchair but my right leg can do it on real car , so I figure it can do it on a racing rig, lets hope are my brother is going get a real great X- Mas gift well enough of that. l ordered on May 19th CSL PS4 bundle an V3 pedals I hope we all who have order before and after me recieve there orders soon and just think no more game pad or controller for driving games. I hope !

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