Does "processed" order status mean that your items are reserved for shipment?

On Tuesday, I received an email claiming my order would be shipped soon and that it was in warehouse processing, but I still haven't received any tracking number or confirmation email from Fedex (Continental US).

I ordered the CSL Elite wheelbase, the BMW GT2 wheel and the CSL pedals, but checking today I noticed that the wheel is now sold out.

What are the chances that my order didn't get fulfilled, because they simply just don't have the wheel even though they claimed my order is being processed by the warehouse?


  • Zaif YusufZaif Yusuf Member
    edited June 2020


    Did your status change to "has been processed"? If so, you are probably in the clear. Funny enough I never got an email saying the order was being prepped for shipping. My status just changed to "has been processed" and a few days later I got tracking info and a text from fedex saying they picked the order.

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