V3 pedals with g27 wheel

After searching the internet I haven't found anything helpful. How do I disconnect my g27 pedals and use the v3 pedals?? Thanks in advance


  • Would you just do this configuration within each game?

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Remove the G27 pedals from the devices and as Jeffrey mentioned you would have to configure each game to use the V3 pedals.

  • I had some issues with this as well. First disconnect the G27 pedals. For Project Cars 2 it would not see my V3 pedals in configuration assignments. I renamed the Project Cars 2 folder in documents and restarted the game. That way if it did not work I still had the previous files. No need to reinstall PC2. Then reassign the pedals, wheel, shifter, etc. After reassigning, calibrate. Then you should be set to go.

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