Is it safe to say my June preorder for CSL elite is now an August preorder??

I preorder for June 12, now the bundles online state August. No shipping notification yet. Its over right?

I sent an email a week ago, to no avail.. I was hoping to be able to play for father's day!


  • It's safe to say that no one has any idea, including Fanatec.

  • Filipe SilvaFilipe Silva Member
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    Check the availability date on your order, not on the store.

    Just so u know I ordered on May 25th, still waiting :/ Also, waiting for feedback on an email that I sent, about 15 working days ago.

  • Daryl LongDaryl Long Member
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    I ordered on April 18th with available date getting changed to May 22nd, then again to June 12th. As of today , I still don’t know **** about my order!

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  • Ordered May 10th and still waiting. Original date was May 15th, pushed back to June 12th (which I wouldn't have known about at all had I not sent a support request in) and now on the 19th I still have no shipping confirmation and no word from Fanatec. Pretty disappointed with how my whole ordering process has gone if I'm honest. I can definitely understand delays given the circumstances, but the lack of any useful communication about it feels wrong. I just want to know what is going on.

  • Exactly the same for me. I ordered May 8. I did receive the pedals yesterday but no wheel. No idea if the wheel shipped or not as there was no shipping paperwork in the pedal box. Order still says "open" on the Fanatec website with a date of June 12. It's ridiculous.

  • Well, consider yourself lucky since you got the pedals xD

    I received nothing :(

  • Did you get a tracking number for each item? That is what happened to me. I got 3 tracking numbers for the 3 items I ordered. They were all in one order

  • I know you were talking to the other poster but I only got a notice of shipment from Fed X with one tracking number on it. I have not received anything from Fanatec about my order, and on my invoice when logged in it just says partially processed , does not even show my pedals shipped and they are here.

    This is my first order with Fanatec and trust me this is not how you build your customer return base or loyalty, and I understand what is going on in the world around me but this problem seems to have existed before that. What I can't understand is how does a company let the simplest part of customer service (communication) be nonexistent with it's paying customers? You did't have a problem figuring out how to take my money, just every part after that process was done. Now if I want to change my mind about my order my money will be tied up for who knows how long waiting for a response, then some type of action on their part. It has been over 30 days since my first delay in my order, since then this company has not done a damn thing to try and improve their customer support because not a damn thing has changed. The reason why it has not changed is because they could care less if I or you are upset when they have 5 or more new customers who will take my spot and not say a word. The product they are selling right now is gold and they are taking advantage of that and trying to even convince themselves that they just have too much on their plate to handle. They should have been on top of this communication issue and had it fixed world wide in 30 days, I do know a little something on this subject since I had to problem solve issues like this for Cadillac before my Military service caused me to become a disabled vet. I will only say one more thing on how or why I judge them in the shame on them light I have cast, I don't judge companies on how they act or treat people when their sales are down but up as the case seems to be here. Companies will treat you like a king when sales are down and the are trying to hit objectives that are not easy to reach that is expected, but you will see the true customer service when the product is selling itself.

    Now could I be wrong, well no when it comes to customer service. There could be hundreds of reasons why items promised to ship did't and lots of those can easily be out of their hands, but a company who claims to be here for their customers after the sale has not lifted a finger to fix the problem other than let the voicemail fill up so you cant leave a message and get hung up on. This isn't a man power issue more so than I'm willing to bet a hiring issue from higher ups who have decided to save a buck because they have a built in excuse that customers will forgive them for rather than get help to the work force who needs it to fix it. DO MORE WITH LESS. Now this part I could be off on, I have no idea of the companies structure or sales history I just put it here because I have seen Cadillac dealerships try to do exactly what I wrote and be cheap and I watched their loyal customer base who they started to take advantage of leave them and drive over 40 minutes out of town to the next closest Cadillac Dealership. I had given a warning to the owner of the dealership and I never seen someone laugh as hard as him, thought it was impossible to lose customers to the point it would hurt the bottom line. I think people thought that only the "bad" customers would leave, you know the ones that cared enough to write 3 paragraphs on the company forums website, not the silent ones who don't complain. The only problem is the ones that complain and/or fill out less than favorable surveys are the ones giving you your second chance by pointing out what they see as problems that need to be addressed. Most companies get mad at the customer for bad surveys when they should be thanking them for taking the time to try and help you out, oh the silent "good" customer fired your company and is buying from someone didn't even get the chance to fix their problem they either did;t say anything or they did but you were taking advantage of them thinking they will keep coming back no matter what.

    Why am I writing a book about this? Simple, I hate bad customer service..........Fanatec has so far displayed some of the worst customer service I have ever seen, and I have seen some really bad ones. I'm not trying to influence anyone's opinion about Fanatec, I'm still here waiting on my other items that my friend said would be the best quality equipment I have purchased to date. That got me excited, I still am, that does not excuse them from hiding from customers who just want some answers. If you think I'm wrong that's ok, we can talk about it, we can drop the subject, or we can hope Fanatec is still at least reading some of the complaints and tries to fix it.

  • I got one tracking number. Do I can assume my stuff hasn't left Fanatec ...great.

  • Again. Amen! Said perfectly. No company is bulletproof, and if this begins to be your track record, it's a slippery slope. Simply said, Fanatec's customer service, especially their lack of communication is frankly unacceptable in today's world.

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