Order 1070061 April 28th No Invoice/Receipt/Correspondence besides "This order in process"


I had placed an order on April 28th. PayPal debited the payment from my account however never received any correspondence from Fanatec.

Order # 1070061 - April 28th

It is not June 19th. Availability date was set to June 12th and i have not received one update or response to any inquiries that i had submitted. What should my expectations be on my equipment at this point. can i please have a PM with order receipt information as well as an updated expectation.

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  • Ugh, I'm sorry. So frustrating. I'm in the same boat. Got my pedals yesterday but was supposed to get the wheel too as it was the June 12 date but no wheel. The correspondence from Fanatec is so bad, at this point I'm not sure if the wheel shipped and FedEx actually just didn't deliver it or it hasn't even left Fanatec. No way of checking because a shipping sheet wasn't even in the pedal box. This treatment is becoming obsurd.

  • Really frustrating to read on the forum that people are receiving product that was purchased on June 8th and I'm sitting here waiting since the end of April. When i had placed the order on april 28th the wheel, base and performance brake pedal upgrade was available so if i would've ordered everything separately they had the inventory to fulfill everything but the brake pedals. Now everything has been on hold and I have absolutely no way of getting in touch with anyone to get an update. Never got a receipt however if i log into my fanatec account i can see the order there which makes me feel a little better about giving $1,300 to a company that I can't talk to but my patience is running pretty thin at this point. I understand there had been a crisis going on and I'm sure a crazy amount of orders placed but at some point enough is enough. I love using fanatec at other friend's houses etc and they have an absolutely amazing product line up for the price but there is definitely a tipping point.

    glad that you've started at least getting some of your products at least

  • Same thing is going on with my order. Date

    Order number

    Shipping type

    Order status


    7 May 2020 18:38:00


    FedEx Ground

     The order has been partially processed.


    I ordered the CSL Elite wheel bundle that includes the pedals and the pedal loadcell kit was extra. Order was May 7th and at the time it showed the bundle kit would ship on May 12th and the loadcell kit would ship July 10, that was acceptable to me. Around May 14th I checked order status and it did't show anything so I emailed them (they say it takes 8 days to respond) and about 4 days I got an automated FAQ on deliveries and then at the bottom of email someone typed in that the number of wheel bundle kits was incorrect and I now would't get that shipped out until June 12th. I was not happy but decided I could wait another month.

    So @ June 11th or 12th (i was in the hospital) I got a fed x shipment notice that a single package was being shipped to me and was expected to arrive today June 19th, it actually made it yesterday. Only one problem, i only received the pedal set. On the website my order shows partially processed then when you view the order it just list the items, not if they have shipped or anything else. I,m sure you guys like myself tried calling but no answer and then when sent to voicemail for sales dept it says it's full and then hangs up. Well I tried Tech support because I had a couple of questions for them, got sent to voicemail and have not been called back.

    OK so we have lots of things going on in this Country and I understand it can make things difficult but this company charges top dollar for their product and they are the ones making promises on said products, I expect some kind of notification on my order that was already delayed by 30 days. if it is so bad that you can't answer your customers basic inquiry about the product you did't have a problem collecting the money on I can't rely on that company, and now I'm regretting placing the order.For the money I spent there are other companies that have lowered the price on their direct drive systems that have excellent ratings that now I'm willing to look at them and not buy Fanatec. I have never owned or bought from this company before and was talked in to it by a buddy who said they (Fanatec) make the best quality wheel kits and I would love the product, problem is just where in the SAM HELL IS MY ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!

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