Just received an email from Fanatec about my order being pushed back to July 24th at the earliest.

Appreciate the communication, but still so frustrating. Assuming others have received this email or will be getting it shortly. My wheel arrived two days ago and now I either have to wait a six weeks for the base or order an inferior one. Oh well


  • I have received the same email.

  • I ordered on June 8th, the Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase, and I live in the Northeast United States

  • Gotcha. Figured that info might be useful to people that didn’t get the email so they can compare dates, products and region.

  • I want to add to this that I'm very thankful to Fanatec for communicating this to me. While having to wait until roughly August 1st for the base to get here really sucks, it's better knowing that instead of hoping and praying that one day when I refresh my order it'll magically get processed. Now to wait until July 24th and hopefully get surprised with an early shipment. Additionally, I only ordered on June 8th, while others ordered weeks or months before me. It could be worse from my POV.

  • Unfortunate news to those waiting, but very glad to see they are finally sending this type of update!

  • just got the same email. glad i got something...


    Chat customer service, would be better than call a # and always sent to voicemail.

    I know it's just a material object, but an expensive one to some... took me a long time to take the jump

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    Got same email, order for CSW 2.5 placed on May 13th...

    I will most likely cancel my order this weekend, found better options on secondary market for same item, just want to play it safe and get tracking first and then I can cancel this nonsense with ordering through fanatec's website.

  • Thank you so much guys posting updates about Fanatec delivery duration, or for the moment waiting duration.

    I was about to order CSW 2.5 bundle (Europe), but considering extremely incertain delivery date, I will not order until I hear good news from you.

    By the way, I wish you good luck to receive your goods as soon as possible. It's often a big amount of money. Have a good day.


    Fact they just send out a pretty well automated message to respond to the delays... I placed my order in may, have emailed and get 0 responses, until i accidently emailed on wrong email, now next day finally hear this....

    my availability date was for June 05/20.... and They won't respond... just say u wont get until 07/24. like seriously, better be getting some reimbursement here. they say "here have a voucher code" yea i highly doubt i be buying again from here...

    Also, any way of calling them from Canada? never can get through.

  • People on reddit are also claiming that they sent 10% off coupon for next purchase.

    Because 60 dollars off a 600 dollar order is apparently good enough to treat everyone like shit and ignore any/all complaints without having any sort of customer service.

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    Same email here. Ordered 3 items one of which was the v3 pedals. Shipping date was pushed back to june 24....now july 24 and the order was placed back in may.

    Oh and even better the v3 show on website as available and ready to ship.......huh??????????

  • Yes this is true. I got my order today and the email with the 10% off coupon on any purchase after August 15th.

  • i have gotten the same email.. hear people are canceling orders and reordering and getting items in a day or two...

    i ordered on may 15

  • Yeah, everyone, let's do that.

    Let's cancel orders to a business that is already struggling through those times. Very nice and respectful. If you cannot look behind the scenes, don't judge about it.

    Fanatec, you're doing good and just keep up the work actually putting out products whilst the opposing parties cannot.

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