Just received my order. Details

I just wanted to let everybody know in case they are in the boat I was that my order came in today delivered from Artesia California. I had an order that I placed June 1 with The Formula One club sport bundle. I also ordered a set of V3 pedals and the shifter. As you know the pedals and the shifter are not available so after waiting almost 2 weeks I canceled the order on Monday, June 15. I then went ahead and just ordered the Formula One club sport bundle which said everything was available. On June 17 I was notified that the order changed to processed. On June 18 I got a FedEx email that said my three packages will be delivered on June 19 today. They came before 10:30am this morning. I just figured I would wait on the shifter and V3 pedals when they become available. The answer may be just canceling your order and ordering what is currently available if you’re wanting any of those items. Hope that may help some of you make your decisions.


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