Canceled and “ Re-Ordered”

I just cancelled my entire order, and re ordered only available times that are ready to ship. I will keep everybody posted on my order status. I’d probably recommend re ordering and placing everything separately. I’ve been reading the forums for a while and have seen it works for everyone. So I’m going to give it a try


  • I did the same and got my FedEx email today.

  • I did this and the product was quickly shipped.

    They would be getting far less grief if they ran all their products this way. Have it out of stock (with a predicted re-stock date), as opposed to 'Pre-order; dates that they seem unable to supply.

  • Did you have a refund processed when you cancelled, or was this a credit on your account that you could re-order with?

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

  • Ordered an in-stock item on Thursday with second day shipping. It shipped Friday and will be here Tuesday. Quality service as usual for in-stock items.

  • This is what I did in late May. Everything arrives tomorrow. It was the right move.

    Additionally, in retrospect I think the best thing to do is to order each item one at a time with it's own order#. That seems to be the best way to guarantee the shortest lead time

  • the Status on my order changed to processed and I received an email saying I would receive tracking information soon. I highly recommend re ordering and ordering separately. Don’t have to wait for august anymore!

  • Agree, cancelled order with "pre-order" items. Went for items that were available (to get started) and then put other things on their own orders. F it, if you need my shipping $$ that bad, take it, but I want whats available now... now. :-)

  • This is sad. We have to cancel a perfectly good order that we already paid for and order again while waiting for a refund LMAO.

  • I just received my tracking number. Everything should be arriving tomorrow ( I live in LA ).

  • Everything has been delivered. If your done waiting for ready to ship products. Cancel and reorder

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