V3 delay email and yet they are available????

Recieved email about may order one item being v3 pedals..it was already bumped to june 24 and today july 24 and now they are on website showing available?????????? Someone who knows wtf that is about please explain it to me cause i dont understand......


  • Wow now that is strange! Yep the website says there available. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon as I’m sure there are many people who have ordered those V3’s.

  • Maybe the virtual stock with the actual stock don't match and website hasn't been updated.

    If you have noticed website was partially down (as reported by users) and since yesterday there are many spam accounts being created and posting irrelevant threads. (yesterday in Chinese today form Indian number or something).

  • Are you sure you are checking the same region you made your purchase from?

  • Hey looks as if I'm experiencing the same thing! Was told both my V3's and Damper Kit will ship June 26th, but both show as available and ready to ship on the website.... I don't think anybody has a concrete answer as to WTF is going on!!!

  • My damper shipped, pedals still say June 26th but site shows available...

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