My experience with Fanatec

At first I was a litte annoyed by Fanatec because of the delay I had with my order. It was delivered about 3 weeks after my original date. But now I'm in love with my setup (csw2.5 ,v3 pedals ,universalhub). I'm coming from Thrustmaster ts wx 700 euro base. I would recommend to save up and just get Fanatec even if you need to wait 2 months. Fanatec is worth every penny in my opinion. Just wait, you will get your stuff and you will not regret it.


  • It's the wait. THE WAIT!!!!! Which destroys most people's sanity. 😄 Everyone who is anyone expects everything in very short times these days. Waiting 2 months is torture. When it's over and everyone has received their kit, the forum will be full of happy stories again. Human nature states that we always look for (or think about) the next best thing all of the time. One of our biggest weaknesses really. Good news for you. Hope I feel the same when the boxes arrive!

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    just to put my two penorth , or cents depending on where you are. I've purchased from fanatec for 10 years, had no issues. currently have the csw 2.5. splashing on on the dd1 bundle . retiring next month.

    BTW : Jim re "we always look for (or think about) the next best thing all of the time. " do you know my wife 😄


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