Maybe some good news. Customs records.


  • Nice find. We can only hope this is a positive thing for all of us.

  • it's funny that you posted this cause if you look at past shipments, they delivered 2 shipments of the CSW V2.5. One on may 27th and the other June 7th. I'm why the long wait for them if they got 2 shipments in.

  • Nathan,

    how did you find such information.

  • I just did a search for customs records/shipment records for Endor, LLC

    There's several sites that offer info, some you have to sign up/pay. Some are free and offer basic shipping/import details.

  • Good work my man, that could be very good news indeed. Would explain a lot. Now lets see if people start to get shipping info.

  • I guess so far no news from Fanatec? No shipping info or anything?

  • edited June 2020

    Just checked the status on my order. It now says “order has been processed “ and no longer has “preorder availability date”. Hope that’s a good thing.

  • I have the exact same order, when did you place your order? I placed mine on May 7th and nothing has changed, shows partially processed at top with the Preorder: Availability date: Jun 12, 2020 for my wheel, Just preorder for pedels (i got those) and preorder and date: Jul 24, 2020 for the load cell kit.

    I am prepaired to upgrade my wheel set to a podium set one because they show in stock and from what everyone has said on the forums in stock items ship right away. Two I was making a rushed decision and now that I look at it buying a Podium set would be a final purchase for me, I would't need anything else. That's the only way I can Justify spending that kind of money.

    Problem is I can't cancel order, I can't contact someone to help me, I can just place order then possible return on the wheel set that has not shipped with some notes explaining what I'm doing and hope it is understood and I get my credit.

  • I placed my order on April 29th.

  • I ordered the Podium wheel set and an extra wheel, and entered a return on the CSL Elite wheel at the same time. The Podium wheel and extra wheel both were in stock and I placed them on different orders. The next day I checked order status and all my orders were sent to the warehouse to be shipped, even the order with my original order Elite Wheel BUNDLE !!! I also got email conformation that these orders were in the warehouse prepairing to ship. On June 26th I got 2 emails from Fed X shipping with tracking numbers, the first one has 1 package at 37 lbs and the second has 2 packages at 1lbs and 7lbs. At these weights this looks to be my new order only and not the original CSL Elite bundle but I won't really know until I get the stuff next week.

  • I have all orders in my room with me now, even my CSL Elite BUNDLE with the brake mod is here. So I now have 2 wheel bases to choose from, the PS4 Podium f1 and the CSL Elite. I got these on July 3rd. Just posting update for you guys.

  • You can probably sell the CSL Elite locally for more than you paid if you want.

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