New Services offered for ClubSport Wheel

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

The ClubSport Series is our state-of-the-art product line and our customers can expect to get outstanding service for it.

On top of the great service we already provide we will even offer an enhanced service for all simracers which depend on their product and want to be sure that they always have perfectly working equipment in order to participate in the competitions.

Therefore we will offer the ClubSport base and both wheel rims in version with included Premium Service Pack.

The premium service pack gives you high priority access to our support channels and we guarantee you that we will repair your product within 48 hours on working days. If it takes longer you will get a free replacement unit as loaner until you have your product back. You will get this service throughout the full warranty period.

The PSP is not available as a stand alone product so you have to decide during your purchase if you want to get it or not. You already have a CSW?

All existing customers of the CSW and the rims will get the PSP for free!

The second service we offer is the Maintenance pack. Basically you can send in the ClubSport base and we will make sure it works properly again. We will exchange all parts which can wear out and it makes sure that you have a working wheel long time after the warranty period is over.

Just like a real car, a mechanical unit needs some attention from time to time and we will make sure that you get all spare parts you need to keep the wheel running.

The ClubSport wheel is a long term investment and not a plastic toy which will be thrown away after a few years.

Both services are only available in Europe so far but we will extend it soon to other territories and products.




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