Any happy Aussies?

Hi there. Most of the many worrying and few happy stories posted here are from US customers.

I'm in Australia, cashed up, and extra keen to order the CSW bundle... but because of the supply situation I'm ultra reluctant to part with the cash, just in case...

I'm encouraged by Fanatec's willingness to keep very negative posts up on this forum, and judging by the quick clean-up of yesterday's spam attack, it's not because the forum's been abandoned by them. They could, if they wished, go all 'Thought Police" like many others sites and delete every critical comment. Good sign.

But I am mystified, and for the time being, stalled in my purchase, by their inability to provide any form of postive or otherwise helpful messaging, to advise or reassure what must still be a steady stream of new customers like me. Bad sign.

So I'm wondering if there are any newly happy or im/patiently waiting Australian Fanatec customers who might have something to share to help me decide whether or not to jump.

Purchasing a bundle right now feels like betting all my savings on a "sure thing" at a horse race.



  • I dont no if what i will send to you will be help you out : Australia Post information:

    Note for customers in Australia: Orders are being processed and are leaving the warehouse on a daily basis, however Australia Post is experiencing significant delays in their network. They are dealing with unprecedented volumes of freight, as a result of increased reliance on road freight due to airlines being temporarily at a standstill, plus additional delays at state borders. Due to the changes in the way Australia Post is handling shipments, the number of times that items are scanned for tracking has been reduced. Unfortunately this is meant that some customers are waiting over 20 days for their packages to be delivered, and there is very limited or no tracking information.

    We are receiving enquiries from customers who are being told by operators at Australia Post that they are waiting on information or items from the Fanatec warehouse. This is false. The Fanatec warehouse in Australia is operating as normal, and the items are getting stalled in the AP system and not being scanned at the next stage. This backlog is what is causing the delays, which is unfortunately something out of our control and is being addressed by AP. We kindly ask for your patience.

  • For what it's worth, I've been treated fairly well.

    Ordered end of May, requested partial shipment for what's available immediately. Got the Podium R300 bundle, brake performance kit and damper kit almost within a week.

    Still waiting on CSW2.5 and CSW pedals, and apparently last Friday my order switched to warehouse processing. Original ETA of my pedals was June 30, but with that email I might be getting it sooner.

    Auspost is a bit slower than normal, but not quite as bad as the above excerpt suggests right now. Things are picking back up in Australia after all.

  • Australia Post is a known quantity... slow but steady. Glad to hear that you got your needs partially sorted Daryl.

    I'm just trying to get a handle on whether or not if I order now, I'll be making a long-term interest-free loan or possibly a donation. I really want the kit. Anything by way of a vaguely recent statement from Fanatec, describing some sort of ongoing plan and revised forecasts in addressing back logs would go along way to helping me part with my money.

  • And of course, just as I said that I got a shipping notification from Endor Australia.

    Ultimately, it's a bit of a gamble: if you want less of a gamble, you can always try Pagnian Imports. However, they cost a fair bit more (~10-15%).

  • Heads up to any Aussies.

    My CSW 2.5 pre-order had been sitting with no updates even though availability was June 12th when I placed it. I've made a couple of enquiries in the past couple of weeks via the contact form with no response.

    Based on a tip I got from someone on Aus Fanatec Owners FB group, I emailed [email protected] yesterday, received a response within a few hours saying they would dispatch it ASAP and suddenly my order has been shipped with active tracking. I did receive a shipping notification via email also.

  • For what it's worth, I received my CSW 2.5 yesterday. Ordered on May 30.

    Had to also prod them a bit - they apologised for forgetting my order and dispatched it within 2 days.

  • I ordered my equipment mid-June and the ETA is by the end of August. I anticipated a long lead on this equipment so I'm happy to wait it out, that said- if my order arrives sooner, I'll be elated!

  • Based on information gleaned from daily checks of this forum, because I really wan't some Fanatec gear, I believe the following to be the case.

    1. Fanatec's Pre-order system is broken and there is no working system in place to reliably inform customers of progress with their order. (And its interesting to ponder discrepancies between projected availability dates between regional sites too).
    2. Distribution of new stock seems to be on a "last in - first out" basis, supported by many comments advising, "Do not pre-order - only order when item shows in stock". Also many people are cancelling single multi-item orders and making multiple single-item orders, and reporting getting better results.
    3. The disarray of Fanatec's CS has likely generated a volume of customer equiry/complaint workload far greater than putting a workable Customer Support and Information strategy in place in the first place.
    4. The critical factor infuencing supply capability is the ongoing impact of C19 on Shenzen Economic Zone and related supply chains. Surely accurate and trustworthy data on the current status of this situation is freely available? ;)

    Hey Fanatec! I really want to buy your stuff. I'm ready to pre-order and will patiently and happily wait my turn. Just please, give me a credible reason to trust that my order will be progressed on a 'first come - first served" basis, through a system as well designed, robust and effective as your actual products. And please, reassure me up front that my warrantee will not start from my order placement date.

    Go on Fanatec! You can do it. Never Give Up! Just make your Customer Service half as good as your product. That will do. I'm ready to spend and would rather be Sim-racing than writing stupid letters of frustration to nobody!

    Have a lovely day everyone. :D

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