V3 Pedals Availability date: Jul 3, 2020

Looks like is been updated again. V3 pedals availability date is now July 3rd.


  • For me it now shows available again. So confusing....

  • Yep it’s changed back to available now.....order them quickly and don’t order anything that isn’t available right now😂

  • Yeah this is confusing. I placed an order a few weeks ago with the June 26 shipping date, along with some other components. The damper kit shipped Thursday, but the pedals did not, even thought they show in stock? Still showing June 26th on my order.

  • Hahaha so I’m going to go out on a wild limb and guess they aren’t really available? Otherwise I would probably order them. Been watching them on pre order for months now waiting to pull the trigger.

  • I ordered mine last week and they shipped out a couple days later, supposed to arrive on Friday this week.

    ill have my base and pedals, but wheel isn’t available until the 24th.....

  • WHAT? I ordered mine weeks ago....awesome

  • Once I cancelled my main order and reordered everything separately, literally the wheel base and the pedals shipped out right away. I’m hoping the wheels get to the companies sooner then the 24th, but who knows.

  • I got everything but my pedals at this point...

  • Wow....so it’s pretty much anyone’s guess how they will process the order. I’m tempted to join the fray and put an order in for the pedals. I wanted the v2.5 base and bmw wheel but those look a ways out. I can mix the v3 with my g29 I think 🤔

  • In my order page the pre-order date was removed from my V3's but still haven't shipped ... Ordered April 17th.

  • In the same boat as you, Rich. May 7th order, base and wheel finally arrived on Friday, but V3 pedals on my order still shows availability on 6/26 despite them appearing as immediately available on the store. Don't have the option to try canceling that part of the order and reordering as others have done since my order has been partially processed. Incredibly frustrating that new orders appear to be getting fulfilled before preorders that have already been waiting for months...

  • Are you in the US? And if so, what wheel/base did you order?

  • I am in the US. I ordered and received a CSW V2.5 base and BMW GT2 wheel. A few weeks ago I asked Fanatec about getting items shipped as they became available instead of waiting for the whole order to become available, and they went ahead with partially processing the base and wheel on the 12th. I'm certain that if I hadn't done that I'd probably be waiting for everything until fall or later since items never seem to be available at the same time.

  • Keun SunwooKeun Sunwoo Member
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    Hi everyone

    I want to share my experience on this case, hope this would help anyone. I'm living in California, US.

    I have ordered the V3 pedal on last friday (June 19th) right after I've found that the availability date had changed from June 26th to "Ready to ship"(I've been monitoring the date everyday because I recently received the CSL elite and Porsche 918 Rim and I need a pedal set now), and I found the availability date has changed back to pre-order status again on saturday (June 20th) I think, so I just decided to wait. But somehow this morning (June 22nd Monday) I got an email from fanatec that my order status has changed to "warehouse processing" which means they're preparing my order to ship and they told me I will be received an email with the tracking number soon. So I checked the website availability right after I saw the email and it says it's available again. I got this email on 6:06 AM today and I have not received the tracking number yet.

    Its really confusing and frustrating situation going on right now with everyone sure, also me since the V3 order shown as "processed" on the order page of my account which means I cannot cancel the order anymore and just have to wait, but I decided to wait since my recent experience with Fanatec was pretty positive. I know this might sound more frustrating for those who have ordered the V3 way much earlier than me, I would recommend to cancel the order and reorder items available right now only.

  • Its not possible to cancel an order that has already had items processed. So since the pedals are the last thing I'm waiting for on my order, I'm stuck waiting. I placed an order yesterday for the pedal performance kit, and it processed in less than a day. Send my pedals, before the guy that ordered this week...or last week....or the week before... :(

  • Update to my post above I got an email at 8:00am from Fanatec that my order is currently being changed to processed and that my pedals are at the warehouse for shipment. This is the last piece I'm waiting for so hang in there guys they will come. Also I ordered April 17th.

  • The V3’s are awesome!

  • Keun SunwooKeun Sunwoo Member
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    just got an email from FedEx with the tracking number for my V3 order. Hope I could receive it this week!

  • Well they are still listed available and with the positive news coming in I think I’m ready!

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