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  • did they remove the linearity option from RaceRoom? I don't see it anymore in the FFB menu. Not sure if i somehow removed it, or is the studio did.

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
    edited July 2023

    What wheelbase are you using?

    Setting up my wheel and taking a look at R3E's menus. I use a CSL-DD and I also use the Auto setup when running R3E. I haven't had to play with linearity since I found out that Auto Settings works great with the title.


    I don't see it. I also remember something about it being removed, but I cannot find where this was posted.

  • Pawel DomzalPawel Domzal Member
    edited December 2023

    So, I looked everywhere for some good DD1 ffb settings for this game and havent found any that felt right so i tried to set it up myself.

    Here are the results, give it a go and tell me if they are any good :)


    Sen: AUTO - in some cars you'll have to adjust she in game steering angle in the setup menu.

    FFB: 75 - don't want any forces stronger than 15Nm to damage my thumbs and wrist anymore, sometimes i will go lower. Ideally bind ffb car multiplier buttons on your wheel to quickly be able to adjust the strenght in game.

    FFS: Peak - Personally i don't like linear feeling to the FFB, peak feels "sharper"

    NDP: 0 - its the only game the DD1 doesn't osscilate, and i can drive on straights without hands on the wheel.

    NFR: 6 - testing in progress

    NIN: 0

    INT: 1 - for that "sharper" ffb feeling

    FEI: 80 - sweet spot for me, anything less feels dull, anything more feels to strong

    FOR: 100

    SPR: OFF

    DPR: OFF


    FFB: Checked

    Inverted FFB: Checked


    FFB Strenght: 100

    FFB Minimum force: 0

    FFB Max force: 100

    Stationary friction: 50

    Engine Vibrations: 0 - gonna play around with it, it may add more immersion to the game

    Bump Amplification: 0 - feels ok just with the fanalab settings

    Gearshift effects: 15 - for immersion, upshift and downshifts "kicking" the wheel feels nice.


    Steering animation - Match setup

    Wheel rotation - 540

  • I give it a try thanks

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