Dirt Rally 2.0 and Club Sport Pedals with vibration

I currently own a CSL wheel with the CSL pedals with the load cell brake.

What I was wondering: if I bought the ClubSport Pedals V3 with the vibration motors on the brake and the throttle, will DR2 support that, and will the Tyre Slip in the FFB settings be enabled?

Will I be able to feel the tyre slip with those pedals?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
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    Are you on Console or PC?  Dirt Rally2.0 does not have pedal vibration support on console, however you can use the ABS function in the tuning menu to simulate a braking threshold. I have it anywhere between 85-90. For PC I believe (do not own the pc version) it is the same with no support.

    The greyed out options are meant for gamepads, which is why they are not enabled with wheel setups
  • Rainer ZillerRainer Ziller Member
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    Thanks for the info! I am on PC, but I guess it won't be much different there.
    That is a bummer, I really hoped it would be supported, and would have stepped up to the Clubsport pedals from my CSL pedals.

    I would word one thing a bit differently: "The greyed out options are meant for vibration motors", because I think they would work awesome on the vibration motors of the Fanatec devices. Unfortunatly, the game doesn't support it.

    about the new software that I guess will be released in the next months, and it will be able to read out telemetry from games. So I guess it might be possible then to use the vibration motors directly with telemetry from the game. Guess I will sit and wait and see what unfolds.
  • Hi,

    even though I have the ABS set to like 88, on DR2 the brake never vibrates. It does with the same settings on other games even (GT sport, pc2, AC) even if not totally consistently.

    any idea?

  • If you're on PC , do not link your pedal to the base , just pluge it to your PC with the USB wire. then go to https://fanaleds.com/ download fanaleds then install , this software support the vibration on almost every racing sim or game . I tested on RF2 DR2.0 AC and ACC , all works fine

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