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  • No problem to install beta software. I only run beta software since many years on my machine and no product died.

    Technical mappings with button numbers I have no idea as its not reported by a driver but you should not plan in advance, just use it when you receive it and map what you want to the upper paddles (I personally use them for looking right/left in almost every sim).

    Shifter Paddles always have the same button mapping on every wheel.

  • for one question I found the answer in the F1 2018 manual, APM mapping B means that bottom left paddle is assigned to the clutch, right bottom paddle assigned to handbrake :-). Are the middle paddles still assigned as button 5 and 6 ? which numbers have the top paddles then?

    another question I have meanwhile, when APM mapping B is selected, is it still possible to assign the left CSP V3 pedal as clutch parallel. This would be fantastic while racing in PC2 and driving an oldtimer with 3 pedals by example.

    Many thanks and would be great hearing from you again Maurice.

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    Aaaah you meant that with the APM mapping.

    Yes, A is both clutch, B is Clutch left and Handbrake right, C is Brake left and Throttle right, D is analogue axis (which disables the joystick on the Formula v2 as it uses the same axis).

    In mode B you can use the left clutch paddle as clutch and the clutch pedal of your CSP at the same time, however they share the same axis of course.

    Middle paddles (=shifter paddles) have the same button mapping as every other Fanatec wheel, so if its 5 and 6 then yes. As said, no idea whats the button number of the upper paddles but you will find out for yourself soon. ;) Shouldnt matter anyway as they are new buttons which no other wheel without APM uses.

  • I'm racing with VR meanwhile, so just have to shak my head into desired direction :-). The exact no. will I find out when everything is installed. As it seems, there are several issues regarding recognition of the top paddles in several sims like R3E. F1 2019. Do you knwo if the top paddle are working as expected and recognized meanwhile without any issues in Project Cars 2, F1 2019 and R3E. these are my 3 most important sims, Project Cars 2 is my favorite, and that's why I would like to know it. If you don't drive these sims maybe anyody else here could give me these information too.

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    Not sure if I have a serious issue or if the feature ist not supported, but I'm pretty sure someone can shed light on it.

    I do have APM and tried to setup clutch bite point in iRacing.

    Is that feature in general supported in iRacing?

    I'm using it with DD1 and Porsche Wheel. Firmware, FanaLad and Drivers updated to the most recent ones.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a tutorial how to set-up the Advanced Clutch Bite Point (same for the APM mechanism, just make sure in the Tuning Menu [AP] is set to CbP. Works great in iRacing.

    Also, make sure you are on Legacy Screen on the BME and not in ITM.

  • Thy for the swift reply and thanks for the video tutorial.

    Now it's working like a charme.

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