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Hi everybody! I am in a discussion with myself in what is the best option... I have always been a console-player and my setup at the moment is a CSL Elite base hooked up to my Xbox One. But I have been thinking of skipping the consoles regarding racing games and get myself a proper PC to play on. What are the benefits and what should I be aware of? Any hints up? Feels like I am restricted on console regarding upgrades and mods? What games should I look into and what are the costs if you compare consoles VS pc? Best regards from Rickard


  • Former console player here. I bought a CSL Elite PS4 version to use with my PS4 a few months back and was absolutely delighted with it. Was playing Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0. And that's it - that's all you've got - every other game is more arcade focussed and I realised that is not what I wanted. 

     So I built a PC! 

    PC opens up so many other possibilities -  more games and the ability to mod them. Since I built the PC I've still been playing Assetto Corsa but with Content Manager, Sol for dynamic weather and loads of free mod cars and tracks - have a look on Race Department to see the range on offer - its endless. And Assetto Corsa Competizione - if GT racing is your thing then this is the best looking sim out there and is great fun. I've also bought Raceroom Experience which shows a lot of promise, not played that as much as I'd have liked as I initially had some issues with it not saving control profiles. And Kart Kraft - still in Steam early access (read: beta) but is already absolutely amazing fun. Still playing PC2 and the Dirt games - they are much the same as on console but graphics are better.

    PC is more expensive than console but how much so is up to you - I decided to go nuclear and buy top of the range CPU and graphics card so I don't need to worry about upgrades for a few years - plays anything at highest settings with no issues. Games can be cheaper - lookout for Steam discounts and sales. Expect some tinkering, not always as plug and play as console, especially if you want to mod but nothing that can't be learned and plenty of info online.

    I say go for it - if you enjoy this hobby PC is the only way - choice is so limited on console. I bought the CSL Elite as the PS4 Podium hadn't started shipping yet and I was playing on console - but I didn't know how much enjoyment I would get out of this! Really wish I had waited and bought a Podium now! I have zero regrets about switching from console to PC though. Next step is VR. :-)
  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    PC will allow you to fully map buttons whereas Xbox duplicates the basic controls.
    FFB is much more detailed on PC
    Some games support ABS and Accel vibration
    More sim choices on PC.
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