Clubsport V3 Brake rumble motor

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Hello all,

I have a question concerning the rumble motors for throttle and brake pedals. Within the driver test the rumble function works. You can recognize vibration on both pedals.

But when pushing the brake without any open games (only e.g. in win10 desktop), only the steering wheel is rumbling. Not the brake pedal itself.

Connected via RJ12, newest drivers 334 with all available firmware updates installed. 

Any suggestions how these motors are activated (can be tested)? Rumbling should work only with the driver settings and the value set for brake force and tuning menu ABS settings. 


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Brake and Accel vibration must be supported by the game itself for example Raceroom supports both. If you want brake to simulate vibration you can turn ABS on in the wheel settings menu. On Console I usually run it around 80-90 so it is just before the lock up point. on PC I leave it off.
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