Hard to find info on Elite Pedals (non LC)

All reviews I find everywhere is only on the Load Cell version of the pedals and not the basic Brake/Thorttle with the foam.

Anyone know where I can find info or reviews and or comparisons?

I am looking to most likely buy the best Base/Wheel combo I can afford and cheap out on the pedals and get the basic ones in a bundle to save money.

I will either get the LC upgrade in the future or look for a cheap set of used pedals.

I often hear how the one redeeming quality of G29 over Thrustmaster T300rs etc is how the pedals are actually better and quite good.

I know the Load Cell is great but just how good or different is the Pedals without the LC.

The difference could easily be buying a CSW 2.5 instead of a CSL Elite (PS4) if I get the basic pedals.



  • Save longer is the simple answer! You really want to ge an LC brake pedal - I won't repeat what you already know aboutr the advantages.
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    If you don't need PS4 compatibility, consider the Elite v 1.1 base which is cheaper but with same quality as CSL PS4.

    I have seen in some review that braking without the LC did feel quite good also, but of course LC is a whole other level.
  • My experince so far with csl pedals. Been driving with em a month now. (6-11 houers a day). 

    Pros: U can drive without shoes and its super comfy. 
    They work as u expected. 
    And i heard roumers that the LC is acutely better then the v3(if u plan to upgrade)

    Cons: The senor has a plastic gear, That is a huge weakness. It will make your throttle at first 5% blip more then it should.
    Its a easy temp fix. With just open it and turn the wheel. I see ppl needs to do it every 6 month or so. (in my case one month intense usage)
    But ppl get sendt replace sensor it seems by talking to fanatec. If thats an issue. Not all get this issue at all. The lottery is inn the plastic gear it seems.(Going to send mail to support abut it. But i have to detach my pedals from rig to even read the serial number, Witch is a must to get a hold of em)

    But all inn all. its rly good pedals with 12 bit res. I do belive maby gamermuscle on youtube has the best review on this. Witch isn't inn Sim Racing Garage review state. but it has the info u need if i remeber right^^ 
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