Podium APM Install on XBox One Universal Hub Tips

I spent some time installing the APM on my Xbox Universal Hub and I found I wasted some time trying some things that I could do with the standard shifters that aren't really possible with the APM. In the interest of saving some time for other people, here they are:
  1. The wires have different diameters across their length. You have to place the thinner portion through the grommet, otherwise your hub front plate won't close down properly. This means you'll have to pull more length of cable out of the hub.
  2. There are 2 sets of positioning holes for the shifters. The one closest to the rim (front hub plate) can't be used due to clearance issues with the APM and button boxes for certain rims and layouts. For instance, it won't work with the default button box layout of the GT wheels (here and here). You'll have to use the holes farthest from the hub front plate.
  3. To get all the new paddles to work, download the driver indicated on the APM page (v336 beta at this time), regardless of which wheel base you have (I have the CSW V2). Currently not all the wheel base download sections have their driver download link updated with versions that support the APM. You will also need to update the firmware of your wheelbase with the version in this new driver.


  • Warning, if you bought the Podium Advanced Paddle Module for attaching to a Universal Hub and try to attach them in the further away position 2 bolt holes as shown in the manual the included bolts are too long and will contact and probably damage the logic board inside, not only that but might cause an electric shock. This is totally unacceptable on Fanatec’s part. If you want it in that position you will have to use a few washers not included. How this got past testing and there’s no warning in the manual I do not know so thought I’d let people know if they intend on using them this way. Photo here with the bolts still at least a few millimetres from fully tightened, if I do fully tighten them they will hit the board.
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    Regarding Universal Hub and APM set up...Depending on how big your hands are and how you have your Button Pod arrangement You may Have to swap Heads on the Funky Switch to be able to use it comfortably...For My Button Pod layout I had to use the Funky switch Head from My Porsche Rim to be able to have enough space to comfortably use it... The Xbox Head was just too big and sat too close almost touching the botton Pod so I couldn't use it comfortably.... Also when using the APM the Funky switch can only fit in the Lower position because its back wire won't clear the APM assembly....you can see how short the Funky switch arm is in pic #3... Seems the Only way to swap Funky switch and Button pod positions would be if a longer Funky switch mounting arm is made.... Other than minor issue of rerouting wires to reconfigure My Custom button pod arrangement it all went back together Neat and Clean Looking....the APM Build Quality and Shifting feel is Great and takes the Feel of the Universal Hub to the Next Level.
  • Can you guys confirm that the analog shifters, once properly installed, work just fine with the universal hub? Iam a wheelchair user and would like to use them as throttle/break for in my setup.

    On the website it says the following under Podium Advance Paddle Module compatibility:

    'ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One - (some units may exhibit a deadzone on the analogue paddle axes, main magnetic shifters and secondary paddles unaffected)'. Not sure if i should risk it.

    I have the Official Forza Motorsport racing wheel which comes with the universal hub.

    Any suggestions and inputs are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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