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  • Yes, its the same game.

    So the settings are equal ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Dear all,

    since 4 weeks i have the dd pro 8nm with F1 V2 wheel for PS4.

    I am still struggling with the tuning menu settings. I can’t find the right setup settings for F1 2021.

    On forums you see many people giving there tuning setups but that is for gran tourismo 7.

    I don’t really like the recommended settings from fanatec for 2021.

    I really appreciate if you guys here in the forum can reply me with your settings?!

    at the moment my setup is:

    Sen 320

    ffb 100

    ffs peak

    ndp 40

    nfr 6

    nin off

    fei 100

    spr 100

    dif 100

    in game

    ffb 65

    on track 15

    rest is 5

    wheeldamp 0

    steeringangle 320

    thanks guys

  • Louis PassaroLouis Passaro Member
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    Is this thread dying because 2021 is coming to an end or because people have given up? (DD GT Pro bundle)

    I tried the Fanatec recommended and they are way off. The steering on an F1 car requires zero strength. So I’m wondering how to make the steering smooth and easy while making the road bumps and curbs feel realistic.

    I’ve tried everyone else’s settings to no avail. Is there a balance or if you want to feel curbs you then also have to muscle the wheel around turns? Is this a Fanatec issue or a game design flaw?

  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
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    Just revised my settings for F1 22 1.08 & DDpro base Formula v2 wheel

    SENS 360

    FF 53

    FFS peak

    NDP 7 - this seems to affect how undesteer is felt as wheel going light - too high and its not noticeable - adjust to taste.

    NFR 25 - this and NIN add some heft at very low speeds

    NIN 15

    iNT off

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    in game

    Str 55

    On track 50 - I like to feel the track/curb effects - adjust to taste

    Rumble 50

    Off track 50

    Wheel damper 0

    Understeer enh off

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    Why should we use compatibility mode instead of the dedicated PlayStation mode? (GT DD Pro)

    What is the benefit, and what drawback is avoided? My PS mode works just fine? (PS4)

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