Clubsport Formula V@ with DD paddle shifters not all buttons work on PC@ on PS4

I just received the new wheel and paddle shifters and to begin with they are all I was hoping for.  I updated the drivers on my PC and updated everything on the fanatec equipment base/motor/wheel/paddles.  Everything tested good on the PC so I moved it back to the PS4. and the the base is set to PS$ mode ie Blue light.

In PC2 many of the buttons and encoders cannot be mapped in the game.  For example the two upper paddles, the wheel rotary encoders and two rockers do not register.  

Also I have the CSL and not the DD base in case that matters.


  • Not a fault, you've done nothing wrong, it's just the way PC2 is coded on PS4. I didn't find any use for the toggles or rotaries on PS4 - nothing supported them. Don't know if that has changed with F1 2019. 
  • im in the same boat. im using the csl elite for ps4 with formula v2 wheel and most buttons dont work. seems fanatec came out with an updated driver for those with the DD2 base.


    any plans for an update for us folks with the csl elite base????

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