xbox one, DD1, driftrim universal hub; pedals v3 gaspedal from 90% input all the time rumbles.

Like the titile says, i play dirt rally 2.0 on xbox one with DD1, driftrim universal hub and pedals v3.

So when i drive or even not drive, when i press the gas pedal from 90 to 100 % in the rumble motor rumbles all the time.

So when i am driving, the rumble is constant. (all the  time).

Second problem: in dirt rally 2.0 my clutch pedal does NOT register at all.

Third problem: When i am in the game dirt rally 2.0, when i press the xbox guide button, i can not go up in the menu to close the game or whatever. I have to manualy close the DD1.

Please help. Thank you


  • afther 2nd time start up the DD1 with drift rim universal hub, everything seems to work perfect.

    Had the same kinda 'bug' with my mclaren gt3 steering wheel that i couldn't put the FFB more then 39.

    So i shut the DD1 down, started back up and everything was working perfect.

    Problem solved: restart DD1.

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