FFB Lack of Feel Conundrum

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I was along time user of the Fanatec V2 and really liked th efeel of the FFB . Recently i upgraded to the DD2 but felt recently that the FFB was working correctly as I seemed to have lost some of the slip feel and lateral weight shift . I have messed around but couldnt get it it right and other games had got better like RRE.

I actualy felt like the old V2 would be better so tought maybe i had introduce corruption soemehwher and as a test i uninstalled Pcars2, set my V2 back up and found that FFB on that was almost non existant and even with gain/vol/tone running nearly at 100 with wheel at 100 the FFB wasvery low and wheel weight was pretty much no existent . 

I tried a few Fanatce drivers which made no difference so there is something not right as there is no way I would have driven for 2 years plus in Pcars with the ffb as it now feels with the V2. 

I deleted the Pcars folder with the records/savegame folders etc in them, uninstalled fanatec drivers before reinstalling .

Other than that has anybody any ideas as it definitely not clipping in game or on the wheel as the wheel weight is so light  it's as if the range  for gain volume and tonehrane have been turned down 




  • Yes I had the Exact same experience with My DD2!!! and I posted about it a few times also.... Its the DR & FW... Install PC Dr 334 and use wheel FW 656..... 334 is the Best Driver... They took it down I dunno where you can get it from... I save All DR/ FW to a Fanatec Folder so I have All FW going back to the CSR Elite.. In Box Me I will Email 334 to you .. I believe you can get FW 656 from 335 or 336. Maybe you can ask if they could put it back up... I dunno Who is Beta testing the DR & FW Now days but they Must have very different taste in FFB because the DR since 334 has Not been Good.
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    Thanks for the reply . I have 334 so will try this but how do I extract only  a FW from a driver package?
  • Upgrade the PC FW to 336 and update Wheel FW... then delete Dr336 and install Dr334 but Don't Flash the wheel FW...
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    @Graham Is your title meant to say "Lack of Feel"? Just making sure people are not confused.  :)
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    @Graham Is your title meant to say "Lack of Feel"? Just making sure people are not confused.  :) 


    Yes you are correct - anybody know how to change the tiel of a post?
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    Done.  :)
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