V3 Pedals not recognized

I recently had a replacement pcb sent out to me and not even two months later when I plug in my pedals, I get the USB Device isn't recognized error 43. When investigating within device manager, the device is labelled "unknown usb device (Device descriptor request failed). I have even tried using the troubleshooter and hoped it would repair it on its own but no such luck. Has anyone else had any solution to this? I'm fairly frustrated with the product at this point. 


  • I am having the same issue, pc recognizes device, but fantatec controller does NOT. ALSO be careful when downloading the drivers, they may be corrupt. I downloaded the drivers from fanatec’s site and now I’m stuck with trying to uninstall idlebuddy from my PC with no number to call customer service, I’m getting more and more frustrated
  • I took a video showing what was happening and opened online chat with Fanatec showing them what was going on and described everything. They determined that it is an issue with the PCB and will be sending me a new one.
  • Awesome! Thanks for letting me know how you resolved it! Let me know if anything isn’t improved when you get the new parts
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