Throtle reach 100% on 2/3 of the angle

Hi all,

I am not that professional or long time sim racer so first of all excause if it is a stupit question but as you can see i the title my throtle already reaches 100% in every game on 60~70% of the way of the pedal itself. i like to play dirt Rally most of the time and it is nearly impossible to lift up the gas becaus ingame the reaction is way to late for a quick corner and it feels also wrong when the throtle is all the way linear and tha nothing happens. Is there any ajustment I could do?

I have also to say that the throtle was already changed by Fanatec because the old one started to squeak after a short time.

Thanks for your help and best regards


  • With virtually all games you will have this problem since the pedal input is not linear. Depending on your rig what I and others have done, is put a bungee cord on the pedal. This will give it a boit more resistance and allow you to feather the throttle a bit easier.

  • Just to understand the problem correctly: the pedals works OK in the Fanatec Control Panel, showing proper linear response? If yes, then what you're seeing is probably just proper throttle modelling in the game(s) you play. In a real car, engine RPM also does not respond linearly to throttle depression.

    Depending on the game, you may be able to change the throttle linearity in-game, though many games don't have that option.
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