CSP v3 clutch does not work (Pedale frizione v3 non funziona)

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Ciao a tutti ieri mi è arrivato il mio podium dd1 per pc con volante gt2 bmw e pedaliera v3 e fino a qui sono felicissimo installo tutto ma ho il pedale della frizione che non riesco a calibrarlo mi rimane a metà e quando entro su ac neanche lo legge chi mi può aiutare grazie in anticipo


  • Ho provato a collegare tramite usb e funziona perfettamente vorrei capire perché collegato alla base del dd1 la frizione non funziona
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    "Hello everyone yesterday I got my podium dd1 for pc with steering wheel gt2 bmw and pedals v3 and up to here I am very happy install everything but I have the clutch pedal that I can not calibrate it remains in the middle and when I go on ac not even read who can help me thanks in advance.

    I tried to connect via usb and it works perfectly I would like to understand why the clutch does not work when connected to the base of the dd1."

    So when the pedals are connected to the DD1, the clutch pedal shows no reaction in the Fanatec driver?

  • recognizes it but does not reset it remains in the middle
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    Do you have a handbrake connected?
  • It could be a number of things: a bad RJ12 cable that connects the pedals to the wheel base, a bad electronics board or connector in the pedals or bad electronics board or connector in the wheel base.

    It's best to contact Fanatec Support through the website with this issue.
  • I have to do it from the site or there's a specific email
  • Through your profile on the site you can either request a chat with the Support Team, or you request an RMA.
  • what does RMA
  • what does RMA
    It's a request for support/repair. So the Fanatec Support Agent will look into your problem, discuss it with you and if needed, your pedals will be repaired.
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