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  • Maurice, I noticed the Ginette GT4 in AMS2 shift lights don't match the in game ones in the new profile pack. Are you able to confirm this?

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    Just tested and can not confirm.

    The LEDs are 100% accurate for me, see this video:

  • Hmm, okay, must be something to do with the import, will have to try again. Cheers

  • Hi Maurice,

    updated to Fanalab 2.01.19 today and did a new import of the profiles.

    It seems most profiles are fine and can be loaded, but when i try to load the new Audi R8 profiles, Fanalab immediately shuts down.

    Same thing when i try to right click the profile...

    Is it a general problem or a problem with my installation of Fanalab?



  • Which Base? Which Wheel? Which Pedal?

    Please upload Logs.

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    Hi Maurice,

    • DD2
    • McLaren GT3 v2
    • CSL Elite Pedals V2
    • Driver 454 and 455

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    Thx, I was able to reproduce the issue and it is because of a wrong APM attribute in the pws file which the old FanaLab v2.01.18 has written into the pws when saving the profile.

    The issue, that this wrong attribute gets written into the pws, was fixed with v2.01.19, but unfortunately that means that old profiles, which were saved with 2.01.18, need to be manually changed.

    To do that, open the pws file which lets the Lab crash and then change the APM="0" attribute to either APM="True" or APM="False" depending on if you use a APM or not (or if your wheel has Clutch Paddles like the McLaren GT3 or BMW M4 GT3 as the APM "True" attribute is also valid for the Clutch-Paddle-only-wheels). All my profiles always use the "True" attribute as all my profiles are saved with either Formula v2 + APM or P Hub + APM so always with Clutch Paddles where the "True" attribute applies.

    So just change the "0" to "True" and it wont crash anymore :)

  • any plans on doing R3E profiles? now that the game is updated with new physics and tyre models it seems to be again

  • Not from me, no.

    I dont like that game - at all. Cant stand these 2010 graphics... 😅

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    @everyone who uses my profiles:

    Here is a Hotfix release of my latest profile pack where I have fixed the APM="0" Bug which FanaLab v2.01.18 introduced to profiles which were saved with that version which resulted in the Lab crashing when one of the profiles gets loaded.

    FanaLab v2.01.19 fixes the issue but affected profiles unfortunately could not be fixed by the Lab as the Lab can not know if the profile originally was created with APM yes or no.

    If you have created profiles with v2.01.18 on your own and you want to fix your profiles then you simply need to open the pws file which lets the Lab crash (so basically every profile which you might have saved in the past days with FanaLab v2.01.18) and then change the APM="0" attribute to either APM="True" or APM="False" depending on if you use a APM or not (or if your wheel has Clutch Paddles like the McLaren GT3 or BMW M4 GT3 as the APM="True" attribute is also valid for the Clutch-Paddle-only-wheels).

    As all my profiles are saved with an APM attached to my wheel, I have changed the attribute from "0" to "True" for the affected profiles (btw 4 profiles were affected by this).

    So when you use these new profiles, then the Lab should no longer crash.

  • Hello Maurice Böschen!

    I am a new player . Do you have any recommendations for settings or profiles for the CSL DD 8NM in ACC? I have read many posts and am quite confused. Thank you for your help.

  • Hi.

    I have no settings for CSL DD Bases, no.

    My profiles are only for P DD and CS DD.

  • Oh thanks, do you think is a good idea to follow the Fanatec Recommended Settings for CSL DD?

  • Hey do someone have CSL DD 8nm profile for iracing mostly drive GT3 atm? Thanks! :D

  • I use Maurice's profiles for the EXCELLENT LEDs for each car.

    But make sure to turn FFB to 100%

    Then I turn off the NDP and turn down the INT filter to 4 (or 6 for "rough" cars like Porsche GTP) and leave the Force Effect at 80 (70 for Super Formula).

    Then turn off the Dynamic FFB and make sure Vibration is Off and my Brake Level for my CSL Elite V2's to 30%, they're new and stiff.

    In general, make sure FFB is at 100%. And I'd recommend turning off the Damper (NDP) and Dynamic FFB, which applies a Damper at certain high speeds. Both prevent Oscillations, which is basically the wheel turning to simulate an effect like bumps, but that turns the wheel, which ups the effect, which turns the wheel and you end up having the wheel flail around if you dont hold it on straights.

    While dampers DO work, I feel like they take away too much feeling, and make the wheel stiff when it shouldnt be, and the 8nm GT DD Pro is not powerful enough to have spikes much higher to overcome the Damper. Though I just prefer as much feeling as possible, and would prolly not use a Damper at higher NM forces.

    Then for the INT filter, again, higher values dampen the effects, and make a wheel smoother, but I want to feel when a tyre slips even a little. HOWEVER, iRacing, despite making MAJOR improvements in FFB in 2022-2023, still has some cars that are too rough. For example the BMW GTP can run a filter of 3 or 4 and feel great, while the Porsche will have rough feeling even when it shouldnt. Same with the AMG W13 vs Super Formula, where the F1 car CAN go low in INT, it will feel too rough compared to SF.

    So, make the INT as low as tolerable for max feeling vs roughness of effects. In ACC I can turn it down to 1 and it feels great. In ACC I only have INT at 1, FEI and FOR at 100% and everything else at 0.

    Force Effects for iRacing shouldn't be 100, as the spikes during kerbs or other effects are WAYY too strong, compared to normal use. 80 is a good cap, though SF should be lower, as it's a Light feeling car with huge spikes on kerbs and bumps. If you can go higher, I'd do that before cranking the in-game wheel force to 7 (or w.e.).

  • Damn thanks man! im gonna try out any ideas on Toyota GR86... its so weird sometimes wheel heavy and sometimes its like i have no FFB idk if something wrong with the wheelbase perhaps had it for 2 weeks brand new from fanatec.. Im gonna join GT3 series soon prob in a lambo or audi if u got any advice on the INT part. appriacte the answer :D

  • I see that all the profile names are formatted with "XX | 15nm"" at the end... the 15nm is self-explanatory, but can you clarify what the "XX" means?

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    Reiza suprised us all with the first delayed into 2024 but now released on the last day of 2023 new V1.5.5.0 game update which brings with it two new DLC's with a total of 7 new cars!

    Attached you can find a new CarsList_AMS2 to get the new cars shown in the Cars List in the Lab UI to bind profiles to them.

    GT3 Gen 2 class:

    • BMW M4 GT3 (+ Low Downforce)
    • McLaren 720S GT3 Evo (+ Low Downforce)
    • Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo (+ Low Downforce)
    • Porsche 992 GT3 R (+ Low Downforce)

    LMDh class:

    • BMW M Hybrid V8 (+ Low Downforce)
    • Cadillac V-Series.R (+ Low Downforce)
    • Porsche 963 (+ Low Downforce)

    GTE class:

    • BMW M8 GTE - Low Downforce
    • Chevrolet Corvette C8.R - Low Downforce
    • Porsche 911 RSR GTE - Low Downforce

    Installation instructions:

    In your Documents folder you will find a folder called "Fanatec". In this folder is another folder called "Update".

    Simply extract the attached and copy/paste the included new xml file into that "Update" folder with FanaLab being closed. On the next start of FanaLab it will update the cars list.

    This new list of course will also be directly implemented in the next FanaLab releases going forward.

    You can also find my newest profile pack attached (fine-tuned for P DD2 and CS DD+) which includes profiles for the new cars together with a new ProfileCarsList_AMS2.xml file to directly bind the new cars to the new profiles via CDALP.

    I also fixed the RevLEDs of the Ginetta G55 GT3 which Reiza has secretely changed in a previous update without mentioning it in a CHangelog, therefore the profile still had the old wrong LEDs as I did not drove the car since then.

    I wish everyone a happy new year (whenever the time comes for you). :)

  • You are a legend, thanks Maurice! Saw the update and was about to try it. Thought no way there will be profiles for a week at least, but you surprised again.


  • That's awesome, thanks Maurice, going to try them out today!

  • Fantastic. Excellent work

    Thank you very much Maurice

    Do you have PayPal?

  • Here some Profiles I created with Fanalab for my DD, for a few of the cars in AC commonly being used in LFM. The list is not yet complete.

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    Hi! First of all thank you for your fantastic work! it's very accurate and works perfectly! I wanna add few car in the carlist for rF2, how can I do? I need to add the name in "blue" with the name of the car ingame in "red"? can I read the ingame cars names with simhub, for example, and place in the xml?

  • Hello, please does someone have any profile for Rennsport for Podium DD2? Thank you.

  • Hello Maurice and everyone,

    Thank you for such an amazing job with all the profiles provided in this thread. While I have most of the simulators that you provide profiles for I'm currently playing lots of AC & RF2. There are so many vehicles that I wonder if you have a basic profile such like the one for DR 2.0 for them. Something that can be used as a starting point since these two sims have lots of mod vehicles. Do you have separate profiles for open wheel vs GT?

    I'm currently using the DD+ profiles, V3 pedals, Formula V2 and Podium Hub wheels.

    Thank you again in advance.

  • Hi Maurice, thank you for your excellent profiles. The best profiles for AMS 2. Do you have plans to include the Thunderflashs car mods for AMS 2?

    Also i would like to ask because i have installed the Thunderflashs car mods and atm there not profiles for them, if i select a general profile for AMS 2 as default in Fanalab, does the fanalab software when i select a car in game that has a profile will fanalabe select the appropriate profile for the car and also when i select a car that doesn't have a profile for will select the general profile? Thank you again for your fantastic job!

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    As Maurice doesn't play AC he didn't create any profiles for it, except for a handful of cars, You can scroll down on the following link to my post to find AC profiles I created for all cars in original game and its DLC if that is useful to you. All are based on Podium DD1 base, Formula v2 Wheel, CSP v3. I did amend a few of the profiles later to fix some errors with rev leds, etc, but have not re uploaded with those corrections, the profiles are still in the old 1.6x format but should still work and would be converted to the new 2.0x format if you load and resave them.

  • Hi, i also have a DD1 and i will try them. Can you share also your in game FFB settings in assetto corsa and csp? Thank you very much!

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