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  • @Dominic Brennan, Yes please. Can we get new recommended settings for Xbox Series S/X consoles? That would be great

  • Si sarebbe il top perché dopo aggiornamento se levi le mani dal volante con la macchina in corsa succede il delirio....

    Sperò riusciate a darci risposta a breve!

    Ringrazio anticipatamente per il supporto

  • Rutger RonnerRutger Ronner Member
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    I am really curious what settings you use? I have a CSL DD (8nm) as well, combined with a formula V2.5 wheel on a series X. The ffb still feels very weak after the upgrade. The original ac feels able to break bones while hitting kerbs or spinning out @100% ffb strength. But acc… no where like that?

  • CSW 2.5 with formula V2 on Series X.

    FFB strong and consistent, after a few adjustments I feel better the car behavior and the road details.

    FFB on game set to 100 , on wheel base 75. I don't know if CSL DD have DRI setting.

    If yes try to change it, for my base default value was -5 , now I set it to -1.

    Anyway I believe the game require immedialtly a new patch, it's full of bugs...

  • Rutger RonnerRutger Ronner Member
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    Thanks for the advice. However I still cannot get it to work properly. Ffb still underpowered even with game and CSL DD settings on 100% strength. The difference with the original AC and other games is enormous. Anyone (from Fanatec?) with a solution on this forum? Next gen would solve it, so I must be doing something wrong??

  • Upgraded this week from Xbox One to Series S, and the difference in ffb is huge. On Xbox one AC vanilla was the only game with strong ffb, and ACC felt with the CLS DD 8NM even weaker than with my old G920. I never tried ACC on Series before the next gen update, but ffb is 100 better than on Xbox one. To be honest I still prefer AC's ffb. The weight of the car and the downforce feels far better on AC, but the texture and dynamic range in the corners is spectacular on ACC.

  • Can anyone pos here his settings for a dd1 or dd2 in series X, Im having huge problems now

  • So now next gen patch is out what is the recommended gain setting for CSL DD?

  • Since the last update from a few days ago my CLS DD is recognized as a Podium and the ffb a lot weaker than before.

  • Likewise, my DD pro 8nm is un-playable since update. Sees podium in settings, ffb very weak, I read about updated settings, and news Fanatec ?

  • Hope they fix it soon. For a couple of days the FBB was awesome and now we're back to how it was before.

  • It seems I’ve got my few days of “fame” now. The ffb changed dramatically since the season turned into Spring. No changes made on my side… but this is how it should be. Fingers crossed that it will stay like this during the upcoming seasons…

  • Rutger RonnerRutger Ronner Member
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    Yes, an 8nm. In the first week after the next-gen update I hardly felt any change in ffb (see my earlier posts). Haven’t played for a few days, but since I started the game today it feels totally different. I am even considering turning the strength a little lower 😬

    (acc version is

  • And your CLS is recognized as FanatecCLS? Mine is recognized as Podium

  • You mean in-game? There is no specification of the type of wheel in the in-game control settings on my Series X. Where do you find the wheel recognition?

  • I've heard the same good stories from PS5 users after the update. FFB is on PC level. Hope they solve the problem some users and I have, and my CLS is n0o longer seen as Podium

  • Options< Controls< Steering wheel. Right above presets it says FanaecPodium since the last update, but I have the CLS DD 8nm. I think thats the reason my ffb feels so much weaker because the game thinks its a Podium

  • For people having the same ffb issues like me after the update, some users recommended to delete your account on the Xbox and signed up again. ACC still recognize my CLS 8nm as a Podium, but the FFB did improve. Still far from perfect, but at least driveable.

  • ACC on XsX also see CSW 2.0 as "podium". Other problem is that seems that fps with wheel is worse than when driving with pad. Haven't yet tested my PS5's ACC version(with drivehub of course) with wheel.

  • Why Kunos improved DD Pro instead of CLS DD for Xbox Series? DD Pro is made for PS. Ofcourse, with a XBox wheel you still can use the DD Pro but wouldn't it be more logic to improve CLS DD?

  • What is the latest on functionality with DD2 on Xbox series X? Seeing that Fanatec has not posted updated settings, it would be much appreciated if any user would like to share their’s.

  • What are the possible differences if sen/steering rotation is adjusted in wheel's tuning menu or in Xbox's ACC's game's options? Or is there any difference in that?

    Of course main problem is that on XBox(series X) sim doesn't set that automatically as it does on pc and PS5.

  • I really don't like what's happened to the FFB after the 1.8.1 update. It's gone very numb. There is curb feel but only occasionally. Your car will jump up in the air and make the sound when you strike a curb but nothing comes through the wheel indicating it. There's no feel of tires being on the edge, just tension from the wheel. If you were sitting still and turned the wheel back and forth, it's the same tension as if you're flying through Eau Rouge at Spa. I can't feel where the car is going. You should feel the cars leaning on their tires but the feeling is just too smooth.

  • Rami AholaRami Ahola Member
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    (Series X) Is there new recommended settings for CSL DD(Pro) now with these new physics?

  • I’m on the DD Pro on series X. ACC feels really bad compared to other games even AC. And I don’t understand why the rotary switches don’t work either. I’m up to date on everything.

  • it's about time we xbox users can finally have full compatibility and button mapping for fanatec wheels. If logitech could do it with the g923, fanatec for sure can do it too.

  • I totally agree with you, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. That particular battle has been going on for years, with no tangible progress. It's the main reason I abandoned playing on console and moved to PC.

  • Unfortunately I think I’m going to pc as well. Thanks for the feedback.

  • My buddy has the new pro Logitech and his rotary switches work. What kinda crap is that. Lol

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