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  • Fanatec swears that the Xbox platform currently "doesn't support" such things, despite the presence of products from other manufacturers which clearly indicate that it is indeed possible. Makes it really hard not to feel like Xbox users just are not at all a priority for Fanatec.

  • ello,

    Happy owner of a CSL DD Pro / McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel set since a few days for my Xbox X Series, I discover that the FFB under ACC is almost non-existent, no matter the options!

    I understand from this thread that this is a long time topic, however I could read elsewhere that it could come from the steering wheel, and that the FFB works well with the Formula V2 steering wheel....

    Can anyone confirm this point?



  • Hello,

    I have the same set up (except the WCR wheel instead of McLaren) and the same problem. I have read also the ffb is a lot stronger using the Formula V2 wheel but don't know if that's true. I have read also ffb improves after deleting all liveries, starting up the wheelbase again in-game or deleting and downloading the game again, but nothing helped for me. @bfife22 on youtube has the Formula V2 wheel, plays ACC on XBox and pc and says the ffb is almost as strong on pc. Maybe you can ask him. What def helps is to cranck up the friction and inertia and adjust the steering ratio both in-game and on your wheelbase for every different car. Goodluck!

  • Hello!

    I am on Xbox X with GT DD Pro and I had the McLaren V2 wheel for more than a year.

    Yesterday I received and installed the Formula v2.5x and I can confirm 100% what is written above.

    Before, with the McLaren V2, my gain was set to 70% in game and the FFB was ok, not too strong but ok for me (I don't like too heavy FFB because otherwise in endurance races I have pain in my hand and shoulders).

    After mounting the v2.5x, I kept the 70% of gain and the FFB was way too strong, really really hard.

    I had to decrease the gain in game to 23% and it's still quite strong!

  • Really disappointed in ACC on XBOX ONE X right now. I can't get anything to drive "normally" on ACC with Fanatec CSL DD. FFB is basically non existent and it all just seems off. AC does okay and FFB is present, but after struggling to get ACC even working with my CSL DD, it isn't worth playing as there is no real feel to the game.

    I've played completely through Forza Motorsports 6 & 7 and looking forward to the new Forza Motorsports big time. I started playing AC and in some ways it has better driving feel than Forza, but stinks, IMHO that there is no rewind, so starting a race over and over again gets old when you are attempting higher difficulty settings.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a 100% Disabled Vet with a traumatic brain injury and this is my only distraction from the cares of life.

    Thanks in advance for any legitimate help. If you can get this working for me I'll dance at your wedding. Badly, but I will dance! Lol!

    As Always, May God Bless you and yours! 😇

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