Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • I hope I get my tracking # soon. 7 days today since I got the "shipping soon", "warehouse processing" email.

    I guess "soon" is a subjective term, eh? 🤨

  • I spoke too soon. Just got the tracking number, so like others.....I'd say expect 7-10 days after your order processes and you get the shipping soon email.

  • Update: I got my V3 pedals! The tracking bill of lading says three boxes, FedEx is still tracking "something" so I hope that is the rest of the order.

    Holy balls night and day coming from Logitech. I have not even installed the brake kit. Stock max stiff on the brake is pretty stiff. If I did not have my Buttkickers the pedal vibration would be amazing if light. It is supposed to be a hint not a massage. The Kickers make it an added bonus. Smooth, quiet, The Clutch and brake feel like a real car. The damper kit will make the throttle non-linear. The strong spring is VERY good, 100X beer than the Logitech, but still linear in resistance.

    The immediate difference is in trailbraking. Instead of balancing potentiometers it feels like an actual brake. Pressure not travel. Awesome.

    An upgrade in every way to be sure!

  • I got an email last week stating that my order has been processed, but as of today nothing has changed. Pretty sure that means that nothing has been processed besides them taking a lot of money from me lol

  • Well, this can't be good

    Dear Brannon,

    Thanks for your message!

    Yes, they were in stock, but orders can still fall in a back-order.

    This only means, your product is waiting to be shipped.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

  • Final Update to this Order! THe other two boxes arrived on the 24th. 4 hours of setup and install later;

    The CSL DD is more than I could have ever hoped for. I have the Boost kit and holy balls it feels like a real car. For the first time I do not think I can overpower the FFB. AWESOME.

    NOTE! On Dirt Rally 2,0 and older games you will need to run the DD in CSL 2.5 compatibility mode. That means clicking the power switch twice until it shows pale green. Works the same.

    I took it down Sweet Lamb in Wales in Dirt Rally 2.0 at full FFB. Nope. WAY too powerful. My foreearms were screaming after. If nothing else the DD will give me Popeye arms. I need a Rally wheel but yeah, Worth the wait.

  • I don't know about the "7 days" processing since I've already been waiting for about 1 month aftter it said that, so I'm just guessing they do not have the products in stock.

  • I just don't understand why they say it's "Ready to ship" when it clearly isn't. The order is sitting in "Processed" for a few days now. Earlier I have never had this issue. Fanatec used to always ship within 48 hours of ordering like they say on their shipping information page.

  • I have been waiting 12 days and my order still says "Order Processed"...

  • A customer service agent told me orders being marked as processed and supposedly shipping soon for weeks is a glitch. I ordered a GT DD PRO Express on Dec 13 and I’ve been told the status change shouldn’t have happened. Seems like they ran out of express bundles and I’ll get a new email when it’s back in stock. My order status was supposed to go back to Order Placed but nothing yet. I’m so confused. The customer service agent was telling me the deadline to order the express one for the first batch before Christmas was Dec 17 but I ordered it on Dec 13. Maybe I’m a spoiled Amazon Prime member but it’s been a long time since I’ve been more confused about the status of an order after talking to a customer service agent.

  • Would love it if my pedals would ship. On-site says available but my order says preorder for march 4. I thought they shipped as soon as products were available.

  • Hello, just ordered gt dd express bundle.

    I forgot to send money between my account. Normally I pay for something and money transfer between my accounts( it's actually one account, but with possibility to load one part of it, in euro currency) are send automatically. When I noticed, that money for bundle are reserved, was to late to send them there manually first.. So my question is, should I wait, than my account will make it automatically, or should I stop this order, n 1421710. Send money to be transferred in correct currency and pay once again? I paid by visa. I mean if your bank account doesn't take money instantly, is it waiting for order of my account to be it done? Hopefully you can understand. I'm from Czech. Thank for help, take a care.

  • Just ignore this, I should wait before panicking :) goods already sent.

  • japan post offer the shipping track service that require the shipping number which i dont have.

    how can i get the shipping number of my package?

  • I just ordered a complete setup this past Friday. On the website the in the orders tab the status is The order is in process. The wheel base will not be in stock until the 19th but is accepting pre orders. Everything else is in stock. Will I have to wait until the wheel base is in stock for the order to move on to the next phase of the process?

  • I ordered on April 3 and to date my order is still being processed, I wrote on the chat and they replied very quickly, I asked if there was any news for my order, I was told that I will receive it on March 27, I said that it will be impossible because UPS takes 14 working days to deliver to my home, I get a further reply that my order will be delayed and that they are working 24 hours a day to make up for some time, in time on the store the CSL DD pro is always available at 100 € more than the CSL dd 8nm, scandalous, they want to buy csl dd pro?

  • hello. I ordered the CSL DD 8nm bundle on february, says available on april 22, then changed to april 28 and now it says may 30. when is suposed i get my CSL DD? i didnt got any email saying it was shipped...

  • My order says 'Completely Shipped' for about a day now, but no tracking number .

    I'm from Australia and ordered Podium F1 & ClubSport V3 pedals.

    Is it really shipped.....? Why no tracking # if it has shipped ?

  • Hello

    I would like to purchase a Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle

    and a month that I have been monitoring the fanatec shop, and all sold out.

    I contacted support, they don't know when it will be available again.

    in your experience, how long does it take before they become available again?

  • Lee RitchieLee Ritchie Member
    edited October 2022

    I done the same for several months since GT7 launchec and ended up buying the dd pro, pedals and a wheel separately.

    However I now believe the dd pro wheel base to be out of stock now.

  • Last few days, GT DD Pro was showing as available for pre-order for March delivery. Now has disappeared.

    Thought Fanatec huge supply issues were meant to be fixed now?

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