Coronavirus: Fanatec product shipping/availability updates



  • Yep same here. Got something that says May 5th as well. I'm guessing that there is just a delay in the arrival of the items. It's really a let down that I placed my order over a month ago and only received one email letting me know my order will be delayed.

  • I haven’t received any thing other than a response to my ticket last Friday that said my order should ship out the 8th and it’s not the 14th and I haven’t gotten any update no tracking info or update to the order on the website

  • Im in the same boat as you. I ordered Apr 30th for a pre-order for May8th and I havent received any emails on delays or any information. It still says processing and availability date as may 8th in my orders. Im trying to cut them some slack but it's super frustrating for us. It sucks if it's delayed but communicate that to us so we at least know.

  • I’m just hoping that they are in process because of the cut back of workers and not for not having enough stock and having to wait another month or 2 to get the products

  • from what i can tell, depending on what & when you order shipments will start may15,

  • So i ordered 4 things, wheel base, wheel, csl pedals all "available". 4th thing the load cell for the csl pedals. not ready to ship till like july 10.... does that mean nothing is going to ship till then or???? my t150 just hit the bed and doesnt work.... im i out a wheel for almost 2 months?

  • I placed an order on April 23 2020 and here it is May 18th and the only update I have had so far is that my order has changed to processing. It has been that way for over a week with no other info or responses to email. Seems like Fanatec is the only company in the world that is still feeling the effects of covid 19. I understand we are still under a pandemic but most of the country has opened back up and is in full swing again. It’s just hard to sit back and just wait after dropping this kind of money on something. Would be nice to have some sort of answer.

  • From what I've been seeing, looks like you'll have to wait until the unavailable one is available....July 10 which is a bummer. Pity you didn't just select the available ones for order when you did and order the loadcell then whenever it became available.

  • i guess i might have been wrong

  • its strange because I thought they were in the LA county that entered phase 2 of reopening on may 8th so i thought they would be more operational than what they are currently.

  • I ordered on May 15 Friday in U.S, and today Monday morning around 9 am I received warehouse processing email, around 7 pm today I received a tracking number directly from Fedex for the shipment. I ordered the Club sport V3 pedals. Looks like they are picking up their speed. I am so excited! I hope everyone else gets their stuff shipped out soon as well!

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    By the way, I did have to cancel an older order from May 6 because they didn't have the load cell kit in stock. I placed the new order moments after cancelling and voila everything is looking good and shipped in 1 business day from when I ordered! Good job Fanatec!

  • My pre-order for the May 8th product just got changed and they updated my order availability date to be june 5th... at least i now know to stop checking for the email.

  • Update on my order from 16-April. Got an email from Fanatec on Monday 18-May saying that by the end of the day I would receive tracking information, Fanatec also upgraded my shipping to FedEx 3-day, great news. Fast Forward to today, with no tracking info I check the site again. My order has now moved to Partially processed with the shifter now showing available on 5-June. Is anyone else seeing the same things from their order or getting similar responses from Fanatec? It's becoming a bit frustrating when I can't get a solid answer from support.

  • Yes Drew, same thing going on here. I ordered on April 13th and at one point my order was fully processed and prepping to ship. Then they said they made an error and would be sending part of my order from the EU warehouse and I would receive everything in two weeks. It's now been a month since that exchange and my order has been changed back to processing and I cant get a response from anyone. Crazy that I can order something "ready to ship" on April 13th and now it's looking like 2 months or more minimum before I see any of it. Not to mention that's a decent portion of my warranty just thrown out of the window, seems like pretty misleading marketing...

  • John BJohn B Member

    My estimated shipping date on my order pages changed from June to August, even though the estimated shipping date on the product page is June. I am sick of waiting and lack of communication.

    I cancelled my order and placed a new order for DD2 and GT3 RS leather podium wheel, which both are in stock. I hope my order will be shipped soon. My build project is stalling.

  • Not a good time to order stuff apparently. Added to which there's no guarantee that current Fanatec products (perhaps other brands also) will be compatible with PS5 console when released. I'd hate to spend a good chunk of money right now only to realise when time comes is not compatible with PS5. That would send me crazy.

  • Very frustrated. Placed USA order on April 29...CSL Elite racing wheel, pedals and load cell kit. Wheel was on preorder for May 15, pedals available. Emailed Fanatec about my order on May 18. They replied with generic email. Tried calling several times...nothing. My concern now is that by the time the wheel is in stock the pedals may be preorder. Can’t speak to a human at Fanatec. Checked my order status this morning....preorder is now June 12th. I hear Fanatec has great products, but customer service is crap!! You would think they would at least have some notice or update on their website about the crappy shipping!!!

    I see they have donated a lot of masks, which is great, but that also tells me there must be a lot of upset customers not getting the products they paid for.

  • so frustrated now. same as you. ordered April 29 and now have to wait until June 12, but then June 12 will turn into July 12 and on and on. Really considering going to a G29 as Fanatec will not honor warranty from time received. COME ON FANATEC!!!

  • Hi guys, i'm from Argenina and i'm a new customer of Fanatec.

    I have pre-ordered the CSL Elite kit on 22 may but it says that it will be available on 12 Jun. When i go to my orders, i see in order status "The order is in process". Is this some good new? or is it the same that all customers are getting?

    I recieved an email whit the order detail when i did the payment.

    The bad thing here is that Fanatec does not ship directly to Argentina, so i have to pay a courrier that works in Miami for bringing my products to my country.

    So, do you think this caos will end up shortly? o do you recomend me to cancel my order?

    Thank you very much and sorry for my english!

  • You're getting the same message that a whole bunch of us are getting. That's no progress at all.

    See below:

    My open letter to Fanatec... Please join in the thread if you are experiencing similar issues.

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    Hi Dominic,

    I'm gonna try here because I sent a message via e-mail, facebook, instagram and you guys have no telephone number to be reach.

    So I have placed an order (order #1083438) on may 17th and I still didn't revieved any email saying that it's shipped when everything is supposedly in stock (except for the F1 game). I'm just wondering if you guys shipped my order or is it held back because of the game is not out yet (if that's the reason I don't need that game!!!).

    Any kind of update after 8 days of placing the order would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hey Fanatec team. I just wanted to check and make sure I havent been bumped out of the system. I placed an order on May 5th and then emailed your company to confirm it went through. They told me that it did indeed go through and that it would be in stock May 15th. On May 16th after not seeing any update I emailed your company again. I have yet to get a response. I checked reddit and people in the same area as me who ordered after me have already received their orders delivered and they bought the same items. My item status is and has been in process

  • Exactly why I didn’t add the game to my order.

    everything in stock except for the game- placed order last night, by 8am this morning had a “your item will he shipped soon” email.

    Fanatec will not send anything until everything is in stock.

    recommend canceling and placing order for only in stock items.

  • I actually had the chance to speak with a representative and he told me the game digital CD-key will appear in my Fanatec account on his release. Also I received the processing email the next day but I just never received the shipped email with tracking number. Now I got my tracking # and it was actually shipped the next day. So I think for most of you guys who ordered in stock products it’s probably shipped and you just didn’t get the shipped email with tracking number.


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    I actually had the chance to speak with a representative and he told me the game digital CD-key will appear in my Fanatec account on his release. Also I received the processing email the next day but I just never received the "shipped with tracking" email. Now that I spoke with a rep I got my tracking # and it was actually shipped the next day from my order. So I think for most of you guys who ordered in stock products it’s probably shipped and you just didn’t get the shipped email with tracking number.

    Sorry same answer just less confusing lol... (english is not my first language sorry)

  • BUT...can you trust if it says it is in stock (or available on MM/DD date), that it will actually ship?? Given all the customer responses, I have lost complete faith in Fanatec.

    This is NOT a COVID issue - this a a business operations issue. The eCommerce operations should work in sync with their website stock/quantity, but instead - they appear to be playing some type of game with customers. And to make it worse - they aren't communicating effectively...meaning...they aren't providing appropriate and timely responses.

  • I won't order anything again from Fanatec unless I'm either feeling VERY patient.. or the item is in-stock. I ordered CSL Elite wheelbase / pedals, and an in-stock wheel... and it arrived at my door 2 1/2 days later.

    Their communication is basically non-existent - but once the item is in stock... you'll get your item quickly.

  • I have the same problem. They are constantly postponing the availability date.

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