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  • It seems like many folks here are annoyed with the PSU pricing.

    While it is justifiable from a consumer perspective on the "dollar to product" perspective, every consumer has their right to choose if they want to purchase the product.

    Personally I think it's a great strategy because from a product placement perspective. Let's just be objective and understand that Fanatec is running a business here and not some sim driving charity school. Truth is there is an entry market demand and getting them on board early will be useful on multiple fronts from industry maturity to appreciation of the fanatec ecosystem. That said, there are competitors namely Logitech and Thrustmaster at that price point. Nothing wrong to have a product that competes in this market. And to be honest it's a very compelling product for entry level and I feel that fanatec is offering a very strong proposition to the new entrants (which kind of makes me jealous)

    For those who feels they want more (beyond entry level), they can always opt for the PSU which was placed within the CSW2.5 price point. (I remember the CSW2.5 unboxing read "goodbye to toys"). And of cos by then hopefully the consumer is already entrenched within fanatec ecosystem. (Note my earlier point about consumers having the right to choose)

    It's never about a single SKU pricing but rather about what the product value brings.

  • Unfortunately, no matter how amazing of a product you produce there will always be negative people. Thank you for making direct drive wheel bases so affordable for the entry/intermediate price range! This will be my first wheel base and I’m very excited to start out on a direct drive wheel which is only made possible thanks to everyone at Fanatec!

  • I have a question : I have a McLaren GT3 v2 wheel if I was to get the 8nm base would the quick release on it need upgrading ?

  • Yeah now go blame all the car manufacturing companies, why they have different output on the same engine? It's a rip-off! NO, it's called differential pricing you idiot...

  • Thomas, you should just sell everything to us at cost /sarcasm 🙄🙄🙄

    Seriously though, per Nm compared to DD1 it's spot on for price. If anything the 5 Nm version is too expensive per Nm! 😜 But that's expected right? You buy in at base price, the upgrade to "medium" is a better deal than entry level (price per Nm).

    I think power supplies are cheaper now, but I remember paying €90 for a, I think 120w supply 10 years ago. Plus you need to find the right pin size. Do you trust one with a bunch of little adaptor plugs? What is the quality like? Warranty for your equipment if it fries it?

    I hear the warranty is good at Fanatec, I'd just buy the 8Nm kit if I wanted that. For peace of mind. Good value per Nm.

  • If only shipping to Canada didn't cost an arm and a leg...

  • Paul RosePaul Rose Member
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    Firstly, thanks for the video. It answered nearly all the questions I had (other than what packages if any will you offer).

    The power supply thing is a bit more tricky. While I am happy with the overall price with the boost pack. The delta does feel very high. I am almost asking myself why I would not order the 5nm and a boost pack for 20 euro more? Then I would have a spare and also if I don't like the boost pack I can sell it on.

    Is there any way you could lump in the extended warranty in with the boost pack to make the jump feel a little more palatable? (Even if it's just for early adopters)

  • everything explained in the short CSL pedal video... yes you can do that.

  • So, if I for example pre-order a McLaren Wheel now does my Account have an Order History and is allowed to pre-order a CSL DD?

    I'm really willing to get one and switch ecosystems to Fanatec.

  • Will be a bundle with engine, wheel, pedals with load cell available?


  • Yeah, me too, I just don't want to end up with a wheel, without a wheelbase and pedals...

  • J AJ A Member

    Why? I really can't fathom the Idea that customers are asking for a higher price.

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
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    I expected a tidal wave of people mad at the price of the BK180. All seem to be focused on the prices that Fanatec announced, even some of them estimated that the price of the 8nm setup would be $500; and yet, they are still chewed up over $480 at launch or an additional $150 after initial purchase. I don't get it. I've seen suggestions to make the BK180 $200, or making the 8nm kit the same price as the CSW V2.5. Essentially Fanatec delivered this, and ya'll still mad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • We know that another DD is in preparation for the CSW line but will it be separate from the PS4/PS5 version? Or will the next DD be the PS version? Since the 8NM version is so close to the CSW 2.5 already, I am not sure if it makes sense to have another one between the CSL DD 8 Nm and the DD1, hence the question.

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    Quick Release 2.

    Is there version with QR2 ?

    Or do you have to upgrade it...when we get news about QR2, what are benefits and how about future products, are those with QR1 or QR2 ?

  • Thomas ,

    I think two of the most important questions wasn't answered - when ps dd will be available and what other dd bases will be on the market. This is so people like me and thousand of ps users know what to expect and when, as the csl elite is now discontinued and ps dd1 is too expensive for most...

    Thank you

  • Hello Thomas,

    Would you be able to add me to the first wave?


  • If we took the base 5nm price and looked purely at the performance as the value/reason for the price,

    5 to 8NM is times 1.6 (1.6x, if you prefer)

    $350 times 1.6 is $560

    I think all the complainers should agree to pay $560 for the 8NM version, so at least that way it makes simple sense and is fair to all expectations.

    Imagine, now everyone can afford direct drive without spending $1xxx, and still people find a thing to whine about. 😜

  • Great news, thanks for the update! I only started sim racing this year with some logitech gear so this is perfect timing.

    Ive already upgraded my pedals to CSL LC pedals but purchased via digital-motorsports, any chance this will count towards being in the first wave? I understand they're a legitimate fanatec partner?

    First wave: 

    • Must use an existing Fanatec account with previous order history
    • Must be subscribed to the Fanatec newsletter
    • One unit per customer


  • It is a great to see some juicy updates on the new products even though I am not the target demographic!

    Very happy to see the direct drive technology coming down in price to somewhat affordable ranges for enthusiasts.

    We really haven't gotten anymore details about the New Quick Release(QR2) system yet??

    Based on the spread out 3D view of the CSL DD, the new quick release or wheel mounting system looks to be interchangeable with USB-C plugged into the wheelbase.

    Should the podium users look into getting the QR2 if it's an upgrade to the existing podium mounting system???

    Will it be even possible for the Podium Wheel base users to get it work with some minor wirings?

    Some reviewers have expressed that the Fanatec Podium wheelbase is slightly inferior to the Simucube2 and VRS DD offerings in terms of smoothness of the motor rotation regardless of FFB settings which I agree with them.

    Now that R&D for CSL DD seems to be pretty much wrapped up, when will the Podium DD wheelbase get hardware update/revision/upgrade???

    Will there be a Podium version of Pedals AND H-Pattern shifter from Fanatec in near future??

    I look forward to the answers.


  • Also wanted to know this. I will be ordering a McLaren Rim with the CSL DD, I don’t mind order it know if that’s allows me enter de wave 1.

  • Will the base come with T nuts to mount it? Or will i need to get my own T nuts? I don’t run an Al extrusion rig so I don’t have any extra t nuts

  • We will give you more details on the QR2 soon but I can already tell you that we will offer a QR2 upgrade for all Podium DDs and for all steering wheels with upgradeable steering wheels.

    We will bring more Podium products in the near future but I cannot tell you what it is.

  • Will the base come with T nuts to mount it? 


  • One question... Currently I have a CSL Elite PS4 and BMW GT2 which weights about 2kg. It's heavy anf filters some information from CSL Elite... Would this wheel be fine with CSL DD with boost kit? Or should I go directly to DD1? Or maybe wait for a Clubsport DD which was not announced yet?... Eventhough, it was said that all bases would go DD.

    A Clubsport DD with rpm lights and/or a LCD screen and 10-12NM for about 550-650€ would be an excellent option added to the Fanatec environment!

    I also have v3 pedals and I don't know what to do next:

    1) buy CSL DD with boost kit,

    2) buy DD1,

    3) wait for clubsport DD...

    Fanatec, any news about future products?...

    I am a casual gamer. Sometimes, use it everyday, and some months use it once or twice. A feel DD1 is an investment bigger than my skills and that I will not take advantage of all that potential. But I also don't want to spend 480€+postage and being frustrated with a small step forward. Would prefer to spend a bit more and get in the Clubsport level with DD...

  • First of all thank you for a great option on sim driving!!

    I will get the cls dd as a first sim option that I will use.

    what kind of F1 wheel would be the most economical option to pair with and that is compatible?

  • I would also like to know if I order Mclaren wheel now, will my account has the order history? As the Mclaren wheel is also on preorder, so it won't be shipped now.

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