How to create different keybinding profiles for each wheel

I posted the following message in Reiza's forum but i am not sure if i can get an answer. so many views but on reply. I hope fanatec members have more experience.

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I decided to give AMS2 a try at last. As many reported here, it did not recognize my CSW 2.5 in the beginning. After 3 hours and couple of dozen times getting in and out of the rig, i final make it. So i am a bit hesitant to experiment with the wheels. So i want to ask you before experimenting.

I was planning to use different wheels for different classes. As button layouts are different i want to create several key assignment profiles for each wheel. The controls page seems to save with different name i could not see how to load them back. When i come back to the page it only lists default profiles like wheel, gamepad, keyboard etc.

- Is it possible to save and reload different profiles, if yes how?

- In menus; the X box button (recognized as button 24 in game) act as enter/confirm. I want to assign a different button for enter/confirm but I could not see parameter under any tabs. The only control which seems to be binded to button 24 is for something different and if i assign a different button it works as that but not as enter. Xbox button still acts like enter. Is it hard coded or what is the name of the control in game?


  • Someone post a reply there. My saved renamed profiles normally need to appear in the main controls page. Mine only shows the defaults. I guess there is some write permission thing blocking it.

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