New recommended FFB settings for GT DD PRO after GT7 Patch 1.15

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Todays Game Update 1.15 changed the FFB for the GT DD PRO a LOT.

In general the FFB strength was significantly reduced with the update which you need to compensate with increasing in game Max Torque setting to 10 and increasing FOR setting on the wheel to 120.

Before the update in corners the FFB was basically "dead", it was strong, yes, but you only felt a heavy constant center spring once you went past the slip angle. In corners there was therefore no FFB detail like road bumps, curbs etc.

In some cars on high speeds you also got massive oscillations.

With Patch 1.15 you can now feel all these FFB details and you no longer get the massive oscillations.

Is the new FFB perfect? No. The resistance is still weaker than it was previously and an increase of the FOR setting to 120 should definitely not be necessary to get a somehow good resistance.

So yes, PD needs to increase the overall resistance force now again a bit but I think we can all agree that the overall FFB details in corners are much much better now, when you adjust the settings accordingly.

When I first tried the new update this morning I also thought like "what have they done, it feels bad now" but then I adjusted in game and on wheel settings and now I think GT7 never felt better than with this new FFB update, its such a big improvement!

You can also easily test the old and new FFB back and forth because the new FFB was only implemented into the blue native PS mode. In purple PS compatibility mode the old FFB is still active. I think when testing back and forth it is very obvious that the new FFB is much more detailed in corners so in general PD made a significant improvement here which they just need to refine with a bit more resistance strength again in the next update.

For now, these would be my personal new recommended settings for GT7 Patch 1.15:


FFB: 100


NDP: 50

NFR: 25


INT: 3

FEI: 90

FOR: 120



GT7 in Game Settings:

Force Feedback Max Torque: 10

Force Feedback Sensitivity: 1



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