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    Hello Ken,

    Fanatec DD1 wheelbase is currently not officially supported in our game.

    These are the wheelbases that we support at the moment:

    • CSL Elite
    • Direct Drive Pro (DD Pro)

    However, we are planning to release a patch for PC to include a Steering Wheel Device Wizard that will allow players to better adjust the configuration files and easily test them. This patch should arrive in February.

  • Hello Sebastiaan,

    It is planned for Patch 1.7 to include mixed setup from different vendors (for PC), and a Steering Wheel Device Wizard that will allow players to setup many types of configurations on PC and easily test them, no matter the brand.

    This Patch should arrive in February.

  • Hello everyone,

    If any of you also experienced title crashing when connecting Steering Wheels, that issue should have been fixed with our latest 1.6 Patch.

    If you experience other issues, please reach out to our Support team at http://support.saber.games 🙏

    Thank you.

  • Hello everyone,

    With the latest Dakar Desert Rally's 1.7 Patch, the new “SnowRunner Trucks” DLC and Steering Wheel Wizard were added, together with a number of general game fixes, and improvements.

    You can visit this link to have access to the full Patch Notes:


    I will leave here some of the additions that might be of our interest:

    • Steering Wheel Wizard: An easy step-by-step solution for players to configure their connected steering wheels and peripherals.
    • Camera FOV lets you configure your FOV for the cockpit, dashboard, hood, and front cameras.
    • The steering wheel angle can now be set up to 2,520º if supported by the Steering Wheel Hardware.
    • Cockpit Camera now simulates the wheel rotation of an actual steering wheel when a player is using Steering Wheel hardware.
    • Support for the FANATEC GT DD Pro steering wheel (PC - PS4 - PS5).

    Thank you all for your patience. 🙏

  • Hello Espen,

    We have FANATEC Podium DD1 and DD2 supported for PC.

    The manufacturers have also recently listed the following FANATEC products as compatible with Dakar Desert Rally for PC:

    • CSL DD / GT DD Pro

    • ClubSport Base

    • ClubSport Base V2

    • ClubSport Base V2.5

    • CSL Elite Base

    • CSL Elite Base V1.1

    • CSL Elite Base +

  • Hello my Fanatec v3 pedals are inverted in the game: if I do not use throttle it’s going full gas and same for brakes. If I use the throttle pedal I slow down.

    It still does the same when I revert axle in the calibration wizard please help I can’t play

  • I have exactly the same problem, the invert axis button just simply doesnt do anything

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    Hello David and Lotus,

    We are sorry to know that.

    Could you please send the device config file created by the calibration to [email protected]?

    It should be on [MAIN_DISK]\Users[WINDOWS_USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Dakar2Game\Saved\SteeringWheelConfigs and it should be called User 3767 6203.json.

    You can send all config files on that folder, if you want.

  • We also wanted to inform you all that the Fanatec manufacturers have recently listed the following Fanatec products as compatible with Dakar Desert Rally for Playstation and Xbox:


    • Podium Racing Wheel

    • GT DD Pro

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base +


    • Podium Wheel Base DD1

    • Podium Wheel Base DD2

    • GT DD Pro

    • CSL DD

    • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

    • ClubSport Wheel Base V2

    • ClubSport Wheel Base

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base +

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1

    • CSL Elite Wheel Base

  • Hello Andreia Mendes

    I have a Fanatec GT DD Pro plus Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 for PS5 and the Dakar desert rally for PS5, but I noticed the Vibration motor on throttle pedal And the Vibration motor on brake pedal in the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 never worked with the Dakar desert rally for PS5, this behaviour only happens with Dakar desert rally for PS5, so please can you let me know if you can make that working in the next Dakar desert rally for PS5 update?


  • So seperate pedals and wheels work now ? Different manufacturers.

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