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  • Mail of UPS dispatch arrived from Fanatec webmail this morning, with a delay of 7 days, infact the delivery is planned for tomorrow! Items ordered in the 9th of Genuary with the DD+ preorder and other things available at that time but not now.

    FINAL THOUGHTS: they keep your items during preorders but they must be very overloaded in order management probably because they had a big explosion from BF days...we have just to wait patiently...hope they'll solve this situation because it could have repercussions on the RMAs management too in the future.

  • Surprisingly I got all my stuff with the DD+ today, which I oredered on 09.01.

    I got a mail from Fanatec in the morning that my order was sent with tracking information.

    In my account no product has a serial number yet and the tracking numbers aren't shown either.

    Everything was reserved throughout my waiting period, this is really good news and the same experience like the user above me, so at least that seems to work 👍️

  • Same for me, an email yesterday I should receive it today ! (no tracking number in my account)

    Ordered on 12.01 (for the second time with voucher)

  • Same for me (jan 9th order)

    DD+ and a couple of things (using voucher, just in case someone is asking).

    Looks they are normalising their work flows.

    Hope all the items are working fine because anyway I don’t want to have the urge to contact Fanatec. ☺️

  • Australian based pre-order November 19th 2023 for the DD+ dropped 3k+ on all the extras.

    Patiently waited for the drama of the Sony non approval - got worried when no sign of order even early Feb.

    Countless support emails (20+?) - received generic autbot replies informing me that shipping should take 1-3 business days.

    Tried calling Fanatec - 12.30 am my time -recorded message (during the only customer contact window)

    Tried Facebook messenger over 10 times - no response

    Tried Live Chat (when it was available during the small windows) tried every combination to try and get through -all queries timed out and I was advised to raise a ticket. Waited weeks to here back - nothing.....

    Posted in desperation on Fanatec Facebook website begging someone to assist. Fanatec FB advised it would be escalated.

    March 3rd finally heard back from a sales support staff member - my order was "stuck" and had not been processed (and was never going to be processed). They pushed the order through said it would ship in 1-3 days. I have received an invoice - warranty has been ticking away from March 3rd.

    23 days later - countless more emails querying why the order has not changed/ no tracking / no shipping notification - eventually promised to look into and provide an update no later than Friday last week. Again heard nothing. Next desperate move post here and hope by some small miracle that someone from Fanatec looks at order 1797908 and resolves

    Irony is that I would be better off just ordering directly from the website as everything is in stock - can't cancel the order now that it has been invoiced.

    What a nightmare - so much wasted time chasing something that should be simple to resolve. I understand that there are complications in the background however, once you identify a botched order like mine, surely it would be escalated to ensure that some sort of customer recovery experience occurs (express shipping -ensuring that it gets delivered etc / vouchers for the unacceptable delays)

    I'll keep pushing this end but, obviously, I am very unimpressed that I am about to enter the 5th month since placing the order and have no confidence that anything is actually going to be resolved.

  • Hi Jason,

    I haven't quite been waiting as long as you (Australia too FYI), 5 days less, but I suspect my order is also "stuck". It's been sitting "in process" for a long time, but also spent a bit of time in the "🟥 in progress" state early on when some people's orders were being cancelled. I got the updates about the DD+ and its availability but the last time my preorder dates were updated they they were for 17 and 16 Jan for the DD+ and QR2 WS respectively. I've tried raising a support ticket about 6 weeks ago and am yet to receive a reply and I don't have any of the social media accounts to contact Fanatec any other way.

    I have seen some other people also post that their orders were "stuck" and what gets me is they seem to know that's a problem too but only look at them case-by-case rather than have someone review all orders which are "stuck".

    I could still technically cancel my order but I ordered a lot of stuff with the Black Friday discounts and it would cost me a lot more to get the same order now, plus if my order is "stuck" who knows whether me cancelling it means my order gets "unstuck" enough to process my refund.

  • I am very sorry for you two. Thats a long time and i also would not concede BF discounts. I posted here few days back, that my DD+ and QR2 WS from 25.02. is in warehouse since 29.02. and i also tried a few things to get them to check the order, but no way.

    I had enough and when i saw that DD+ was in stock again (germany), this monday i pulled the triggerYou wont believe what happened. Tuesday i got a mail that it has been moved to warehouse. Today i checked UPS tracking with reference number (order number) and my two packages will be delivered tomorrow.

    Thats crazy. As soon as a order is in some kind of state, which does not exist in their common processes, they simply ignore it until forever.

  • Thanks Bart and Ron for your feedback - it is a worry that when they drop the ball that the response is terrible and very poor. It's almost a blueprint of what not to do your customers. In today's times, ERP / ordering / logistics all have triggers & alerts from work flows - how this doesn't end in the hands of a responsible person to review is incredible.

    We all get that glitches can happen, surely a temp team could be parachuted in to break this back log of queries in order to assist so many customers that have been burnt by this debacle...

  • Yep 100%.

    I haven't heard anything yet, I'm also in fear that because my order is stuck that nothing has been set aside for me thus far, and currently QR1 Wheel Side adapters are unavailable until May 6.

    When they had a long delay expected for V2.5 X purchasers during BF, they offered a 25% off voucher for people to cancel. At this point if they were to offer that, I could cancel, and reorder and get a similar deal seemingly much faster. But at this point like you I'm $3K+ in the hole just sitting here waiting like a chump.

  • My story, hopefully coming to the end and there won't be a need for the warranty claims.

    My order was handed over to warehouse a month ago. Last week after reading some other comments about orders being "stuck"/lost.... I wrote email to webshop on Wednesday. Pretty polite email but not hiding that I'm pissed. Today 12am had email from fanatec that it;s shipped (with tracking numbers), and two hours later got notifications from Canada Post about incoming package. Orders page still with no serials or tracking.

    There was no reply to my email. So I can't say email helped, knowing how many emails other sent with no replies. and I know in February it was 1.5 month wait for them to reply, after I asked question in January.

    Will see how better new warehouse in TX is. Previous one was always at least a week or two until packages actually would start moving. so hopefully in another 3 weeks I'll finally get it... What a SAGA...

  • I have finally pulled the trigger and cancelled my order. I hope I get my money back quickly then I can put this 4 month saga behind me. I wrote in my cancellation notes that I would consider placing a new order if they offered me the same 25% off voucher that folks who were told they might have to wait until the end of March got.

    Assuming I don't get that I'll just have to think about whether I will sell my BNIB sim rig or shop elsewhere for my sim racing hardware.

  • Order went from "🟥 In progress" to "🟥 The order has been cancelled" today.

    Haven't received the refund yet but hopefully soon. No comms at all.

  • I got my refund. I'm out. Good luck to you all.

  • was surprised that duties are waaaaayyyy more than used to be..

    for QR2 and shifter knobs total value $2518 USD was declared by fanatec. what the f...k..

    Lets see how fanatec support will help me now... frick.. quantinties are wrong.. you broke the law! you know that fanatec?

  • I got DD+, but my story did not end. Still will need to deal with Fanatec.

    Value declared for customes is way off. for DD+ little, for QR and other small bits almost 10x. but that is least of my problems.

    DD+ QR was bricked by fanatec drivers FW update. steering wheel is gone because of that, no FFB. Driver after updating base FW just shows 0.0.0 or something like that for QRFW and does not update it. If I do manually it does't do as can't find QR at all. After some fiddling with Candidate Release 456 (from end of February) and turning on/off the base somehow managed to get it detected and updated. And seemed like oh, problems gone. Nope after one lap QR disappeared, no FFB, no steering controls.. and always between same three corners that it dies on first or second (sometimes) lap.

    After some reading the magical driver 457 should fix the problem.

    Can you imagine they would be allowed to ship DD+ in december? :D and half year it would be useless? :D

  • I’m still in the same boat as kestitus above. The thing is a useless brick.

    no response from anyone at fanatec other than Maurice on here saying hopefully 457 will be released at the end of April. “Hopefully”

    sent them a message saying I want a full refund now. They’ve ruined my hobby by shipping out broken/untested product. I was fully committed to the fanatec ecosystem and have been for a good few years. Now I’m done. I would have spent so much more with them, I can’t be the only one that’s been made to feel like this.

    I’ll be looking to swap to something that works asap.

  • my dd plus has failed every day now has become a brick fana lab control wont even recognize the wheel base

  • my dd pro had no problems but this dd plus is a lemon.

  • Yeah dd pro is flawless compared to a joke plus.

    Its just too much pain put back pro into rig for me.

    You can't enjoy is one thing but if you are jot using it, you can't find other problems unit might have. But warranty time is ticking on top of move to warehouse for a month of wasted warranty. And we know units have issues ... So kinda good again for fanatec, sucks for us, again...

  • Hello guys, I‘ve bought a DD+ in the F1 Racing Wheel Bundle. Actually everything works pretty fine, most of the time. But just about 20 Minutes ago the Wheel lost Connection to the base mid Race, but in a very Strange way. The Wheel lost all of its force Feedback and the Buttons weren‘t working. The steering itself still worked, but like I said without force Feedback. Does anyone of you had this same problem before? The only way I could fix it, was by turning the base off and on again. This happened 3 times. The third time I recorded it with my phone but sadly you can barely see anything because of my beard. Maybe it wasn‘t the best idea to hold the phone, putting it under my chin 😅

    well I hope to get some help here.

    btw. is it normal that if you turn your wheel while driving, that at some Point it feels like you‘re turning it into rubber. I don‘t know how to describe it any better. It‘s like it looses it‘s power after turning it above some degree, but not like loosing all of its power, more like the rubber thing. I hope someone gets what I mean.

  • @ Ron

    Try reading on this forum. I'd suggest the driver section.

  • edited April 21

    Known firmware issue to be fixed with the next firmware in the upcoming driver 457 hopefully late this month.

    The driver 456 thread is full of this ...

    The other thing is called "Endstop" and is normal.

  • Thank You very much. I was a bit surprised by it because it happened today for the first time and not anytime before.

  • Can’t believe, after sending my bricked DD+ to repair center (Australia), the repair technician reset my DD+ to DD! It can only detect PC/Xbox mode now! So disappointed about Fanatec!!

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