DELAYED - Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R?



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    I sort of agree with you but you missed the obvious solution which is to communicate better. Fanatec should have announced that the product pre-orders would be delayed and they should have explained why. This does not need to be a massive overhead - a message on the website or a message on the forum is all it would have taken. Or they could have actually done what they said they have done but in reality have not - sent an email to those who preordered with an explanation and an apology - this could be automated, so again, no big overhead.

    There will be those who don't think this is required but they are wrong. Fanatec is a small company who are big players in what is in reality a small hobby. The community plays a big part in this companies success, by increasing exposure through online reviews, YT videos etc. We also serve as beta testers for the constantly updated but less frequently released software and firmware versions. This loyalty should be recognised. The community's excitement about sales and new releases should be welcomed. Any the communities disappointment when things don't go to plan should be acknowledged and understood - not ridiculed. Without customers there is no Fanatec.

    I acknowledge that even if this had been communicated better there would still have been disappointment, but I like to think that the community would have largely accepted that delays happen and would have been pacified to some extent that they had been kept informed and felt part of the journey. I know there would have been those who would still complain, some politely and some less so - every forum has at least one self appointed bad ass and one clown. 🤣 But that's the internet!!

    But the bottom line is that not informing people of the delays until after the delays have happened is poor management, and that encourages the negativity that is growing. Fanatec have had to start editing the new firmware threads to remove complaints about delays, insisting that all discussion on the delays be kept to the dedicated topic. The irony being that they did not provide such a topic!🧐🤡

  • What are goes complaining about that there was no communication that it was delayed. Yes there was communication, it was changed on their website!

    If it stayed Dec 12 and you never got anything then you have a complaint.

    You all know they hold orders until everyhting is available so why do you order everything together?

    You know they have not met dates in the past so you order something with a Dec 12 for a xmas gift.

  • I am also waiting for my Porsche Wheel but in the end we will get it before christmas as long Thomas can hold his promise.

    Who told you that the wheel will shipped on the 16.?

    This is what I have in my order: "Availability date: Dec 16, 2019" That means not shipping on 16th :-P

    But I am also with you, maybe a forum thread from official site on the 16th would have helped a lot to soften the buyer.

  • Fanatec changed the availability date of new orders on the website but did not update the delivery date of preorders. My preorder still shows the original date - according to your logic above that means that I have a complaint. 😚

    Changing delivery dates for new orders often happens - first batch sells out, second batch is sent later. This is what many people thought had happened and Fanatec did not explain that this was not the case.

    I didn't order everything together, nor did I make any reference to doing so, I ordered DD2, Classic 2 wheel and Porsche wheel as separate orders because I wanted them to be sent as they became available. I agree that this is the wisest way to order - so I did it, even though it led to increased postage. My choice.

    Your final point makes absolutely no sense. You seem to be suggesting that the wisest course of action is not to trust Fanatec.

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    I won´t get my endurance module till Christmas if the shipment starts on 20th, as I´m leaving on Friday to see the rest of the family. Not a big deal for all others nor for Fanatec, but still a huge disappointment on my side, because with that I have to wait till December 27th to pick it up, losing already short time to use it as I leave for a long business trip early next year.

    I know all these things only affect me, but no communication at all is really disappointing. And that no one from the company is answering in this thread makes it not better.

    With that said, delay of shipping just because software availability (Thomas stated this in another thread) makes it even worse, as I could install software even on public holidays or easy use it without the display and finish my Porsche Rim.

    (I have more than enough other wheelrims but this project makes a dream come true as I have all other components beside the endurance buttox box at home)

  • Just received this email -

    "Dear valued customer,

    Firstly we apologise if you are receiving this note for a second time. We've been informed that some customers did not receive the original email, so we are sending another to make sure everyone is aware of the situation.

    Unfortunately there has been a small delay in shipping the Podium Button Module Endurance and its associated Podium and ClubSport Porsche 911 GT3 R Steering Wheels.

    This is due to unforeseen complications related to firmware; we discovered a critical issue that is currently being addressed with top priority.

    We apologise for the inconvenience. All pre-orders will now ship on Friday 20th December."

    I would be interested to hear when the original email was sent and why the blogpost was not updated to tell people this. I don't think it was sent! 😜

    Anyway, thank you Fanatec - this is how you this should have been handled.

    Still think it would have been wiser to ship without the delay rather than waiting to 3 business days before christmas - but hey ho.

  • I just hope what's sent on Friday the 20th will arrive on Monday the 23rd. Otherwise I probably get it new year. Business address entered. No weekend deliverys for business delivery and then no backoffice available to open the doors on the days between. A little prayer into the void. But I will survive... ;P

  • Very well said!

    I received the email as well now.

    Indeed, an email the 15th or 16th would have been the correct way to handle this.

    But for me it's not a big deal if it comes a bit later, small delays like this happen all the time when ordering on the web. I've seen worse.

  • I agree. I also am beginning to suspect that Thomas forced his software developers to release a half baked driver update on the same day to distract from this major issue: Fanatec again misses on their commitments to their customers. Based on my review of firmware 352, the update can lead to irreparable damage to the DD through continued use. As I have stated before, ELECTRICAL equipment DO NOT make MECHANICAL BANGING noises! If you have seen an electric motor with a faulted winding, you will know what I mean!!!!

  • Some customers did not receive the original note? Was there ANYBODY here that DID receive any e-mail from Fanatec on this matter? I'm sure NONE of us did!

    By the way, regarding their NEW date, well call me a skeptic (because let's face it, these guys are less reliable with dates than the train schedule in India)but I will believe it when I get the shipping label and the dang thing is in my hands. 

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    Do you not know that Thomas, the CEO of this company, has stated that you WILL receive it before the 25th? Did he state that sarcastically? Did he cross his fingers? I guess we'll never know! But at least you can HOPE that if it's not under your Christmas tree by the time you go to bed on Christmas eve, Thomas could personally slide down your chimney and leave it under your tree so that it'll be there on Christmas morning. Forget about spending time with your family this holiday. You'd rather spend it in quiet anticipation and anxiety waiting for a ghost wheel (with supposedly fixed wasn't obvious to me all those YouTubers with the Porsche wheel had actual trouble with theirs....)

  • Cassandra WCassandra W Member
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    You know, many of my remarks I make are made tongue in cheek but my heart really goes out to all my friends in the Sim Racing community that have sold their Logitech or their Thrustmasters or CSL's bases and are totally stranded now. I don't want to imagine how you guys feel about a bad situation getting worse when your close friends have the equipment and they're anxious to spend time with you online. I wish every one here does in fact have a happy holiday with or without their gear. And to find time to do other stuff they love! MY HOPE for that they can stay in business and NOT VOID my warranty....Fanatec's new year's some MORE CONTINGENCY in your LAUNCH SCHEDULE!!!!! (And send your Project Managers to get their PMP's and MBA's)

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    I can leave with the delay announced in the mail I've received today, but I agree it should be announced before.

    Anyway I think that other problem is that all the products bought in BF are retained for the Porsche 911 (for those of us who purchased it). Most people thought that the avaliable products would be send inmediatly, and the new wheel when avaliable, and it doesn't work in that way. Now people in this situiation know that it would be better make two orders, one of products in stock, and other with products not avaliable.

    A posible solution for many Christmas presents would be that they deliver avaliable product now, to assure that people receive it on time.

    For the future, when you make an order and there is a product not avaliable, it would be nice and option of "Send partial order" with the shipping cost correction when you check that option. That would be more intuitive and will avoid these misundestoods.

  • I was under no illusions that they’d be sent separately. I knew they’d be shipped together. I just expected it all to be shipped on the date specified.

  • 1 notice recieved regarding this matter of delay and that was today, whatever, its cool.

    I bought a csl the day it was gt sport implemented, still glad i did. Bought a Dd1 for ps4 and still glad.

    However the roller coaster that is fanatec will be the death of me, like owning a sports car there are some oh SH@# moments. if that's the goal, bravo, 👏👏👏👏

  • Fanatec are the Lotus of the Sim Racing world.

    If Lotus stands for -






    then maybe Fanatec stands for -








  • If it’s indeed the 20th they send it, I won’t get my order in time for xmas unless they upgrade the shipping. Because everything else sent on a Friday from Fanatec hasn’t arrived until the Wednesday... which is Christmas Day.

  • This post should be pinned 😂

    Who knows, the postal worker might work over time on Christmas day! LOL

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    w8 , weren't you a dood who was hassling me about me speaking up about this type of stuff?

    its cool, everyone gets a lil woke now and again.

    im not mad about anything fanatec has done, just the fact its always done in a nonchalant dismissive manner, always.

    I cant wait to stop using this damn F1 rim , ever rally with a f1 rim? NO BUENO!

  • for wreckfest i have actually resorted to calibrating it upside down, you can do that with a DD, like a fighter pilot!

  • My orders that were delivered early December were mucked up by UPS, they were apologetic but explained they were mega busy because of xmas - even then.

    I'm afraid to say that I think Thomas is simply buying time here. He claimed we would have these wheels by Christmas but I don't think this is possible even if they ship on Friday. I can't imagine why he would make such a rash promise, it will backfire.

    If the delay is due to a software bug does this mean that shipping is delayed until that is fixed? Are Fanatec gambling that this will be fixed by Friday? Or will they ship on Friday in the hope that some wheels will get delivered on xmas eve and that the software will be fixed by then?

    The only way that people will receive preorders before xmas is if Fanatec were to expedite shipping. I don't imagine that will happen.

  • right, i have a vintage nardi already picked out to swap off the the 911. i looked at some sick expensive collectors rims, wow sticker shock!

  • there's a sweet officially licensed jackie Stewart rim, but its $1,500

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    Guys lets be a little realistic, your not getting it before xmas, make alternate plans accordingly. The mailing system will be swamped right after xmas with late gifts and returns. Not only are you not getting it before xmas but you be lucky to get it before new years.

    But all good things are worth waiting for!

  • Why do you have to be such a major downer? Don't you have faith in FirmwareAlwaysNigglyAndThingsEventuallyCome Corporation? If you don't, at least believe in Thomas. He has never lied.

  • Give it a rest already! And don't ever order a Tesla!

    Thomas has given an update, accept it and move on! Or cancel your order and move on!

  • I honestly don’t care if the PBME makes it in time. But they could have made it so my base did.

  • I actually own a Tesla Model X. I have had trouble-free operation of it from day 1 and love the Christmas Mode during this time of the year. The service I get from them has only been second to Burberry. Burberry customer service when you order online is unmatched by ANY business I have ever dealt with. Porsche also offers great service BUT the first AND the last time we had our brake rotors replaced, it costed $15k. That has been a motivating factor for buying the Tesla!

    I think if people want to vent their frustration, I am open to hearing about their woes. It's a stressful time of the year for some people and allowing them to vent and lending them an ear is a GOOD THING.

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