DELAYED - Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R?



  • Yes, UPS sipping notice! :)

  • Delivery scheduled for tomorrow it seems, 3 to 5 days early. ;)

    Nobody else got a shipping notice? Surely they shipped a bunch today.

    Anyway, I’ll assemble it tomorrow to see what it looks like but the installation will have to wait ‘till the weekend when I have some time to mess around with it.

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  • lucky you, last i heard was int he 10% discount mail: The shipment will be January 3rd at the latest.

    Still waiting for it to leave their warehouse... , not mentioning the damn discount code i wont ever use, since i would be covered for years to come.. if it finally arrives. Thanks for well..some headache i gues?!.

  • No notification from UPS so I don't think they keep their promise. "Die Lieferung erfolgt demnach spätestens zum 3. Januar".

    For the last delivery of the black friday stuff, UPS sent a notification one day in advance.

  • Yep, today is the day for me too. We'll see what happens with this promise..

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    Got the notification from UPS today for Monday the 6th.

    I looked forward to it for the whole time which stressed me out I can't even say I'm happy to get it now. Which is pretty much of a disappointment after such a big invest on a piece of kit I looked to get for half a decade now. Not this in particular but some Fanatec setup to replace my Thrustmaster.

    Let's see if they will respond to my mail at least to change the discount to something useful for me who got the complete thing now and is in no need for a purchase for a long time. Just to gain some of the respect back.

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