The new standarDD: The CSL DD



  • Haven’t seen anything about how to actually do a pre-order yet if you’re lucky enough to be in group 1?

    Don’t let me miss it!

  • I bought a Rennsport wheel stand waaayy back in the day (to go along with my 911 GT2 wheel and Clubsport V1 pedals). Does anyone know if there will be mounting holes in the new CSL DD and whether the pattern will match with the Rennsport wheel stand?

    For reference, it's one of these:

  • Is this what the mounting plate looks like without the wheel attached?

    ea7acba5fc7e4b888153aa7c395e70dd.jpg (600×400) (

    If so, then you are good. The three holes in a triangular pattern are for the CSW/CSL-Elite wheel bases. That is the same pattern used for the CSL DD wheelbases, as well as just about every other Fanatec wheelbase, except for the PWTS/GT2/GT3/CSR and the gear driven 911 Carrera wheel. Those used the wider 4 on the wheel deck.

    TLDR, yes it will work.

  • That's exactly it, yes! Great, thank you, that's what I was hoping to hear. 👍

  • I've placed my pre-order yesterday and in the heat of the moment I've made some mistakes. I've ordered the clutch pedal thinking it was the Load-Cell kit and forgot to add the McLaren GT3 wheel with my order. Would it be possible to edit my basket without losing my slot of production.

    I would love to get the LC kit when available and to get the wheel in the same shipping.

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    I apologise if this has been addressed elsewhere in the forum but I was wondering if the CSL DD is compatible with the 20 degree Table Mounting adapter that ships with the CSW v2. I know the 3-hole mounting fits but was concerned with the depth on the unit as I was struggling to find depth of the CSL DD, other than the shipping package dimensions.

    To further clarify, if I were to mount the DD1 to the CSWv2 Hard mount, the depth of the DD1 would cause an issue as the overhang of the DD1 would prevent it from being mounted on a table surface.

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks Hristo. Should just fit with 14 mm to spare.

  • Should be possible that orders deliveries will be avanced in order of faster production?

    That will be fantastic

  • Hello, I have a CSL dd who work on Forza and dirt 5 but, but on F1 2019, when my wheel is straiht the game say the wheel is turn right, and when i turn it left, it is marked 0 (straight) I have the panel of fanatec, calibrated my wheel many times and reinstaled the game and use the setup of F1 on fanatec website, my material is CSL dd csl pedals(the pedals work good), and the wheel of WRC from fanatec

    PS: Sorry for my bad English

  • I have csw v2 and I’m interested in buying csl dd base. Would you recommend upgrade with or without boost kit?

  • Lee ParishLee Parish Member
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    Is there plans for this or any other new DD's to be PlayStation compatible?

    Also any updated timeline?, it has been just over a year since this statement.

  • CSW DD ~15NM - When is the stronger CSW DD coming?

    Thrustmaster just announced their $650 T818, 10NM wheelbase:

    Come on Fanatec - make it happen!

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