CSL DD - three early units available for review, vote for your favourite channel! UPDATE



  • Other - SimRacing604

  • Sim Racing Garage, Boosted Media, The Simpit.

  • Sim Racing Garage, Boosted Media, Other: Simracing604

  • Other: SimRacing604

  • Sim Racing Garage

  • Billy Strange Racing. He has no bias and he's a straight shooter. He will only review something if he can give his honest opinion with no outside influence.

  • I try it for myself:


    My channel is in a new build up, but i have a good experience in hardware & videogame testing. In the last few years i have written some reviews about games, events and hardware and contributed as a video.

    In addition, I am firmly anchored in the German sim racing scene as a commentator and streamer and live for my community

  • Other for French : Objectif Racing ,on YT and website

  • If you don't vote sim racing garage as top, you're not paying attention...

  • Kodi CosfordKodi Cosford Member
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    I'd love to review it 😁

    But, I think jimmy broadbent who has nearly 700,000 subscribers would be good to review it

  • Other: Laurence Dusoswa

  • Do you have a chance to review from Japan?

    If you can review from Japan, I would like to ask the following people.


  • Jimmy and Jardier are fantastic streamers however I wouldn't go to them as source of unbiased customer advice on new equipment, especially as Jardier is sponsored by Fanatec anyway.

    Chris Haye has definitely upped his game recently, he definitely receives the spotlight.

  • Other: Bottom Split Podium

  • It's a shame Karl Gosling isn't on the list but I'm sure Will and Barry will do great reviews

  • I'm nothing short of humbled that some of you are suggesting me on this thread. Thanks so much <3

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    Not saying everybody was doing it, but i have seen doing some doing it. I had a pretty big dj gear review site 10 years ago and never kept a single piece of gear after a review, if i liked it i bought it, sure i got an discount on it but i always was more than willing to pay for it since i earned enough with advertisements to cover all costs and could go on an extra vacation or 2 a year from it. But i was never dependent on any income from those manufacturers and i was 100% sure i was always in the position where i could just say what how it was and people didn't have to read between the lines ;)

    Besides that, i don't have anything with those whole Youtube review things (i rather like a written review, i think i'm getting to old for this ;) )... the only one i could look at for more than a minute or two is Barry from SRG. Besides the fact that he doesn't have to put on an act to gain some views the man actually knows stuff! Boosted Media is something i never have been a fan off in the past but they improved significantly lately.

  • I’d love to review it at Sim Racing Geek. 🙂

  • Alex Gillon

  • Jason Clarke2Jason Clarke2 Member
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    sim racing garage and boosted media are the go to guys, barry goes balls deep in every review and will actually just tells us if something is shit, no beating around the bush. as deep as barry goes in his reviews he does beat around the bush a little and seems afraid to actually say if something is just simply not very good. there is always a caveat with something negative he says like ''thats subjective and you might like that but its not for me'' BARRY... just tell us its crap man... besides that, amazing reviewer of all things sim racing. will just straight up says something is not very good for the money and i like that.

    the others are a great part of the community but i dont think they are up there with boosted and bazza when it comes to good objective reviews, and i think they would probably agree.

    be good to get a world first exclusive of the QR2 aswell, its about time that thing was rolled out, current dd1/2 owners dont care right now about the BMW gt4 wheel we want to see our current hardware get the upgrade and love it deserves, lets get it out and into the hands of reviewers.

  • I'm not saying everyone but some do and as a matter of fact, yes i do got that proof but i'm not going to publicly nail someone on the cross because of that. That's something those people have to decide by themselves but i for me it makes it damn hard to take those reviews serious afterwards.

    To be honest, i don't like those Youtube reviews most of the time. In 99 out of 100 times it comes down to an act where reading the product brochure, hopping down into the sim, drive some laps and then a critique less conclusion on how wonderful and amazing the product is is the perfect description for most of the Youtube reviews.

    I'd rather prefer the opinion of some experienced users who spend more time on actual testing than editing a video and aren't tied to the NDA's and other rules manufacturers come up with.

    I watched some Youtube reviews before i bought the DD2... and i can asure you none of them came up with the issues every DD2 owner experienced after the purchase. Take a look at these forums, some facebook groups where it isn't brand A vs B... that's where you will find the best info ;)

  • Other: The Sim Channel

  • Other: Simracing604

    Does good and accessible hardware reviews.

  • GTPlanet also has a nice YouTube channel.


  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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    To be honest.. There's only one and that's Barry from the Sim Garage. He's the only one that does a full-fledged review and isn't even afraid to say if a product is really bad. Most of the reviews I do read on other websites/channels are some sort of paid-review, or so. Specially one website where you even can't write a reply.

    Would advise to give one to Barry and the two other CSL DD's to either a female youtuber/streamer (like Theamusante or LoveFortySix on YT and Twitch) and a small streamer/youtuber.

  • Will from Boosted Media here.

    I agree with you that the collective opinions of many experienced owners is ultimately what provides the most data for people to base their decisions on. I've said for a long time now that the most value in review videos comes from people sharing their personal experiences in the comments section, and that's something I routinely encourage with my audience, not only because it's an important part of the story for the viewers, but it helps me to know if I've gotten something wrong or need to revisit something (and I'm happy to admit there's been occasions where I have).

    Ultimately, the more opinions out there, the better for the community.

    I consider our reviews (and would encourage others to do the same) to be our opinions and observations at a single point in time, and a catalyst for further discussion in the comments, nothing more.

    Regarding your earlier comments in this thread, I can't speak for others but you may learn a thing or two about how we go about things at Boosted Media from a recent video I posted on my channel explaining our business practices and how we derive an income from what we do.

    I hope it clears up any misconceptions regarding my channel.

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    I really dont want to bicker, but the way you formulated your position was that there was only one person doing (or not doing) a specific thing. That's a particularly strong thing to say that sheds others in a particularly bad, damaging light.

    Never sold a thing that was sent to me. Always added a very particular and transparent disclaimer that informs of the relationship between both parties (company sending the product and me) that includes source of product and most importantly the financial relationship. Then it's up to the viewer to figure out if I'm worth their time and they can click out of the video (which is before the review) from that point onwards.

  • Doh! Would have voted for Karl if he had been on the list...

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