CSL DD - three early units available for review, vote for your favourite channel! UPDATE



  • C2BeyondSimRacing

  • Absolutely MDS Sim Parts.


  • Okay guys, why don’t we cool down a little.

    There are 3 units for review and more than 3 good youtubers to suggest for doing the reviews...

    And everyone has personal preferences.

    My number one reason for Barry is the fact that he will take it apart. I am very interested in this as I customize my equipment. I am currently building my own carbon fibre steering wheel with custom electronics to go along with the podium hub on my CSL on PS4....

    The reason why I also voted for GamerMuscle is purely the fact that he is a super likeable chap and I just like to watch him ....

  • Kie25

    Very popular streamer in uk

    And an extremely quick driver

    You would definitely get more sales if he done a review

  • Heikki360ES. It would be good if you include a Spanish reviewer, and that would be my best suggestion

  • No Boosted Media, please. He has absolutely no clue.

  • My second preference would be Karl Gosling https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnP7yd5lIbrLW_nTqAc9xA

  • Hi all, I might be a bit too much to ask. As all of you can see that every review were done in spoken language. Would be fair to send one unit to grassroots sign language so then it can cover whole diversity.

    happy to give my background profile also do first review in Sign Language. Fanatec get in touch if interesting to cover the review to sign language community.

  • There is at least one on the posted vote list, with a number of votes, that specifically charges for reviews without disclosing it in their YouTube channel.

  • Barry of course! :)

  • Other (mentioned in a comment below): MDS Sim Parts

  • Mate, your initial post literally said:

    "[Barry is] the only one who doesn't seem to do it for free review units that can be sold afterwards" - don't backpedal away from the 'everyone' position you've made because you've been called out.

    The damage it does to the entire creator space and those people full of integrity and honesty who disclose what they can of their agreements, as they should, because of a small handful of bad apples who abuse their reputation and privileged position for short-term personal gain.

    Plus, when it comes to Barry, the fact he failed to disclose that he charged "video production fees" for about 6 months is exactly the kind of non-disclosure that hurts my trust in him, regardless of the content he continues to put out.

  • Speaking of Barry never selling reviewed items, that's clearly not the case the whole time - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ApexSimRacingbuyandsell/permalink/1100017347145799/?sale_post_id=1100017347145799

    Now maybe this was given the all clear by Cube if the wheel was sent for review, hell I sure hope it was because I'm not here trying to bury Barry and his channel - he does good work and the more respected content creators in the space the better - but given it's relevant to refuting your point I thought it appropriate to bring up - and also ensuring integrity is maintained is important, otherwise people end up jaded and presuming the whole space is corrupted

  • German content, so its RON!

  • Other: Heikki360ES

  • Nice idea. Beside of the superb channels Sim Racing Garage and Boosted Media, my third vote goes to Race Beyond Matter. I like his channel very much for being very authentic and reflective. Good luck to all

  • I vote for Laurence Dusoswa as my primary reviewer

  • My initial 3 aren't much different than the leaders right now. I picked...

    #1 - Sim Racing Garage

    #2 - Boosted Media

    #3 - GamerMuscle

    I'm pretty sure that the sim channels I like will get (or buy) the CSL DD and give their honest opinions of it. So I am not bummed that there weren't more early units available. Still, nice to see that Fanatec is asking who the community wants to see review the wheelbase.

  • Barry is always a great person to send a unit for review, he’s reviewed such a diverse array of gear from the highest end to the lowest end of the market. He’ll make a great comprehensive review of the product and be fanatecs best bet for a green flag or problems with the product.

    Boosted media is great for the following he has, the reviews aren’t as in depth though.

    i just wish my man Dave Cameron was higher on the list because he has always done honest reviews, and he daily drives fanatec already, giving him a good comparison between fanatecs previous product and this new one.

    If you all get more availability to send out more units i strongly recommend Dave Cam.

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    #1 - Boosted Media

    #2-sim Racing Garage

    #3 - GamerMuscle

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    My vote is:

    Gtro_Stradivar .

    Twitch Channel:


    Yotube Channel:

  • Gordon JonesGordon Jones Member
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    Sim Racing Garage

    GamerMuscle (he talks so funny!)

  • Boosted Media

    Sim Racing Garage

    Dave Cam

  • If only Fanatec put this amount of effort into fixing existing issues, for example: people receiving products that are DOA (dead on arrival).

  • 1. Boosted Media. 2. SRG

  • Is Fanatec customer service as bad as I've read? It's a bit scary to think how much money you can part with for this stuff, and then have issues getting it fixed or replaced. Or is it those who have had problems simply voicing their frustration? I have also read where there are people who have had their equipment for some time with no issues.

  • I think people who have had bad experiences will voice their opinions and complaints much louder, just be sure to carefully read the whole manual to avoid any user error that can lead to damages

  • Had a recent experience with their customer service for my McLaren GT3 rim that had a fairly minor problem and it was resolved really well by them. Had a few back and forth emails checking if it can be fixed by myself, and a couple of videos sent to them of the problem. Wheel was sent out to them and then received it back fully fixed. Whole process took less than 2 weeks including shipping the wheel out and recieving it back

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