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Does anyone have new settings for the new Forza Motorsport on DD Pro 8nm?????



  • Yes please! Settings for PC version.

  • Rather settings for XsX...

  • +1 for PC settings

  • Has anyone got a decent settings as the default is shocking

  • +1 for PC settings (DD Pro 8 NM)

  • Same. It would be nice if someone with knowledge can post a game and wheel settings. Thanks.

  • Here's what I'm running, after a bit of testing on an Audi GT3 car at Laguna Seca. I haven't run other cars since making these changes, so YMMV. I'm not entirely happy with this yet, but it's getting better. Suggestions welcome - please post if you make a change and it helps!

    I'm using a formula 2.5x wheel with this at the moment, so scale appropriately if you use a larger wheel, or prefer more or less force.

    Fanatec DD1 settings:

    SEN 900

    FFB 50%


    NDP 15%


    FEI 100

    FOR 100%

    SPR, DPR - OFF

    Forza settings (advanced controls - only listing the ones I think I changed):

    Steering, acceleration, deceleration deadzones - 0 and 100

    Force feedback scale - 80

    Road feel scale - 65

    Load sensitivity - 35

    Wheel damping scale - 55

    Center spring scale - 40

    Dynamic damper behavior - 3

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    I would be happy about software and in-game settings

    Will Fanatec also provide a driver update and/or a software update?

  • No driver or software update incoming, but we might see them add Forza Motorsport to fanalab software in a few months.

  • really love these settings for my CSL DD with the Porsche 911 GT3 rim. just had to scale up the FFB due to weaker base obvs.

    There is an in-game bug right now where certain 'advanced input' settings are reset every game launch. This means deadzones and all stuff above Vibration Scale. I have reported the issue regarding advanced input settings reset upon game launch. If you have time, please upvote my post to bring attention to devs.


  • Thanks for the settings will try them out later after work

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    I couldn't find any settings either so I reverted to Forza Motorsport 7 settings, and it's not bad... probably needs a bit of tweaking. Some of the settings are named slightly differently but you should be able to work it out:

    SEN 900



    NDP 50

    NFR 25


    INT 4

    FEI 80

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    BLI 80

    SHO 100


    Game Settings: 

    (Normal or Sim Steering)

    Vibration Scale 5

    Force Feedback Scale 100

    Aligning Torque Scale 110

    Mechanical Trail Scale 100

    Pneumatic Trail Scale 120

    Road Feel Scale 100

    Load Sensitivity 55

    Wheel Damper Scale 18

    Center Spring Scale 15

    Dynamic Damper Behavior 60

    Steering Sensitivity 100

    Steering Linearity 50

  • Does 900 degrees on base give "automatic"/correct steering ratio for different cats?

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    It would be great if Fanatec could post recommended settings for the DD Pro 8nm (and all other wheels) as soon as possible. The current force feedback default settings are awful, and there's no consistency to the settings people are posting online. I haven't managed to land on settings that feel adequate yet - there seems to be a diluted and soft damping feel to the wheel regardless of which settings I've tried so far. The Trail Scale settings seemed to work best, rather than the Damper settings themselves, somewhat counterintuitively. However, there's a tremendous feeling over understeer that I don't get in any other game.

  • I truly wish developers would work with wheel manufacturers and have manners such as this sorted prior to release. It would at least quell the negative comments regarding their handling model.

  • Seems to - every car I've tried so far (maybe 5 or so?), the in-game visual steering wheel moves exactly 1:1 with my wheel.

  • Re the strange feeling (or lack of feeling!) when the fronts start to slip - reducing the in-game "Dynamic Damper" setting seems to help a lot with this.

  • Not really an expert in FFB but I've been tweaking this game's settings for quite a bit. With so many cars, I'm not sure there's really a go-to setting because of so much inconsistency.

    Not a FFB expert so I'm not sure I should be sharing settings yet, but here they are.

    Tested on a CSL DD 8nm.

    SEN - AUTO. Though I believe setting this to a static value still maps 1:1 for each vehicle.

    FFB - 100

    FFS - PEAK

    NDP - 15

    NFR / NIN / INT - OFF. Set INT to 1 if FFB feels too raw/grainy.

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR / DPR OFF - Had these on but it feels better off. Thanks to Greg above for that.

    In Game:

    Vibration Scale - 38

    Force Feedback Scale - 100. Adjust according to personal preference. Wish we had a clipping tool because it feels weak to me at 100. Anybody know of a standalone program that can monitor it?

    Steering Self Alignment - 100. Experimented with raising this and lowering below values but I think it just gave the false pretense of FFB being stronger while losing detail.

    Mechanical Trail Scale - 92

    Pneumatic Trail Scale - 95

    Road Feel Scale - 42

    Load Sensitivity - 58

    Wheel Damping Scale - 57

    Center Spring Scale - 42

    Dynamic Damper Behavior - 12

    Steering Sensitivity / Linearity - 50 (Default)

  • Lowered above Wheel Damping to 48.

  • Used the above settings and they are pretty good! Some little tweaks for sure, but overall it feels pretty natural now.

    I did change the sensitivity on the wheel to 720 to make it a bit more direct, but beyond that pretty much the same.

  • Thank you for your settings. I am using your settings in Fanalab and slightly adapted the in-Game-settings recommended by to this:

    Feels quite good to me.

  • Playing on CSL DD 8nm and WRC steering

    Here’s where I landed after two days, but haven’t tried anyone else’s recommandations so far. It feels great so now I focus on the driving  ;)

    Started with my ACC settings for the wheel and ended up leaving them as-is. The NDP, NFR, NIN are to cancel the oscillation problem I was having in ACC, I imagine heavier steering wheels won’t need as much. The additional damper in-game (Wheel Damping Scale) was necessary to avoid oscillation with my setup but I definitely recommend setting this as low as possible as it drowns out all FFB effects.

    FYI there is also a thread about this in the FM forums

  • HELL YEA!!!! These settings are amazing dude thank you. These feel so damn good haha. Thank you mang!!!!

  • These settings are working quite well on the CSL DD 180w with CS RS wheel. Oversteer is correctable and catching a slide is quite easy now. Adjust the Brake Force and FFB Scale to your liking or use per-car settings to scale the force up/down.

  • Does anyone have base settings for Xbox X yet? Tried the above and need to spend some time tweaking them but new to all of this so it's purely guessing!

  • Running these on CSL DD and liking this best (tried the others but this one felt the most natural).

    Changed FFB to 100 and used that for awhile, but ended up also turning up the Force Feedback Scale in game to 100 and preferring that right now, but I'd say either way works well.

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    hi to all

    anyone have settings for Forza Motorsport 8 PC version ..... DD2 + Formula Wheel 2.5

    please for help with good advice

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    I've tweaked my settings a bit.

    While this was probably obvious to some, I realized SPR and Center Spring Scale, as well as DPR and Wheel Damping Scale are directly related, so my settings for those were doing absolutely nothing. I've set SPR and DPR to 100 in Fanatec Control panel and raised the values very slightly for each in-game.

    I'm still tweaking but here are some updated settings for anybody interested:

    SEN - AUTO. Though I believe setting this to a static value still maps 1:1 for each vehicle.

    FFB - 100

    FFS - PEAK

    NDP - 15

    NFR / NIN / INT - OFF. Set INT to 1 if FFB feels too raw/grainy.

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    In Game:

    Vibration Scale - 34

    Force Feedback Scale - +/-100 depending on wheel/vehicle.

    Steering Self Alignment - 100

    Mechanical Trail Scale - 97

    Pneumatic Trail Scale - 94

    Road Feel Scale - 41

    Load Sensitivity - 58

    Wheel Damping Scale - 8

    Center Spring Scale - 18

    Dynamic Damper Behavior - 12

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