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  • Yes, even though I have had more products from this company, it is the first time I invest so much money in sim racing equipment. Like you, I didn't just buy the base; I bought wheels, pedals, shifter, handbrake, shifters... I've heard wonders about the ClubSport DD, and being a user of both PC and PS5, this option is the best for me. I won't cancel, but it is a real shame this situation.

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  • From what I've been able to read on this forum, it's an average of one week

  • moto gp series or ride 4/5. with the controller feeling of racing is excellent

  • Osobiście już mnie męczy ten temat i sam się zastanawiam nad wycofaniem zamówienia. Co raz bardziej zastanawiam się nad zakupem logitech g pro steering wheel pod ps5.

  • Hello

    @Fanatec @james i ordered on black friday(November 22), My order is still processing.So When my order will be send?

  • I really feel and understand everybody's frustration. I already received my orders from BF (V2.5X wheel and V3 Pedals). However, like every one else, i'm waiting on my DD+ wheel base. As frustrating as it seems, my 12 year old son who is actually the Sim racer at home who is the one that actually ordeered the DD+ with money that he's been gathering for 2 years is super patient an just tells me that it will come when it comes and that his current G29 is doing the job...

    For PS5 users like him, what are really the other options? Logitech Pro? We all know its nothing par with a DD+, V2.5X and V3 pedals setup. Many people mention Simucube, Asetek and Moza, but none of these companies support PS5. So the only real high end product on the market for PS5 users is Fanatec. We can like them or not, be pissed at them or not. The fact of the matter is that their alone in their market bracket...

    All this being said, all we can do is wait and hope they get the license sooner than later. I'm sure that once we get our bases, we will be happy with a fantastic product and somehow forgive Fanatec to a certain extent for this mess.

  • I was in the same situation as you, 2 months ago I sold my DD plus and  bought a Playseat Sensation pro cockpit + SRP pedals  ,hoping to receive the DD+ before Christmas. 

    3 days ago , on January 17th,  the day the DD+ was supposed to start shipping, and after no news about it, i put all my Fanatec gear on Ebay, contacted an online simracing shop here  in Spain and ordered a Simucube 2 Pro + Cube controls F-pro wheel. Yesterday i got everything, and now my cockpit is finally finished but not thanks to Fanatec

  • Not sure we would want a 25% voucher, some kind of partial refund would be better. If the DD+ ever arrives I don't actually need to purchase anything else

  • Que tienda? Yo necesito la compatibilidad con ps5, ya que la tengo... aunque principalmente juego a simracing. Yo compre el life premium de NWS, y lo tengo vacío... a ver si se resuelve rápido este tema

  • It is totally unacceptable, just inform the problem will not be solved within 2 weeks without any contingency plan if the approval cannot be obtained within short period of time. And in case not approved by Sony, no plan on this.

  • Simufy. Pero si necesitas que tenga compatibilidad con PS5 , la única opción que te queda es esperar me temo :-/

  • we need a deadline and a plan what if Sony refuse the approval otherwise they can keep telling us the same for the whole lifetime.

    i really hope they're about to give us a complete plan of the current situation.


  • Have a nice weekend all, best regards

  • or

    who fucks you, we enjoy your money, you naive sheep

  • Why not block PS compatibility in firmware and sell it as PC/XBOX initially, then unlock it later?

  • Why not take pre-orders, but not charge people until it’s sent? Definitely Fanatec seems to be rather shady here… can’t imagine how much money they have received for a product they are not even allowed to sell. Trying hard to have patience and not cancel the DD+ order and sell my DD2 and go the simucube route, like so many others have.

  • How is possible they add in their DD+ description page explicitly and in the first line "The most advanced Direct Drive system officially licensed for PlayStation®5"..... if it's not licensed yet??

  • I've also received the same statement in email, except curiously the sentence "Currently, we do not anticipate receiving the license for the first product on the market, which incorporates Sony's new security electronics within the next two weeks." is missing. How come?

  • I notice that yet again Jackermeier is notable by his absence.

    He's always happy to visit this forum to let us know know that he has good news for us - like a BF sale or their fashionable line of branded clothing 🤮but he is nowhere to be seen every time here is a problem - which is pretty much constantly these days.

    A leader that ignores the hard stuff is no leader at all. And this, gents, is why this company is f@cked. Get out while you can.

  • I sent them this message yesterday and would like to think this among many other messages prompted this update. Keep the pressure on them to be transparent. I sold my DD Pro at the end of November and have been without a wheel. This is terrible.

    Message sent on 1/18:


    Please provide a status update on my order placed in October 2023.

    My original preorder availability date for the DD+ was December 12, 2023.

    It was later moved to December 27, 2023 I believe.

    After communication surrounding delays with Sony approval the date was moved to January 17,2024.

    Sometime between January 10 and January 15 the due date was pushed to January 10/2024.

    This messaging is misleading. For you to provide messaging that you are unsure when the Sony approval will happen (perhaps sometime mid January) and then update the date to the 17th and then bump it up to the 10th provides false hope and some sort of understanding that there has been an update it the approval. It makes no sense to have these updates after already making the communication known that you're not sure when approval will happen.

    Today 1/18 there is no form of communication still. Nothing has shipped. You have over $1,000 of my money since October.

    As per my previous communication, some form of compensation, reimbursement, or Fanatec credit / coupon is in order in addition to an updated order status. You have falsely advertised a product, received my money, and proceeded lack communication over the issue. Please spare me the generic response you've been instructed to submit. If necessary escalate this as I would like an authentic reply which explains what is going on with the availability date listed on your site. Is it a placeholder because the system needs something? Is it based on anything at all or just an arbitrary number that allows your system to work?


  • I have been pretty patient up to this point, but this is getting beyond a joke now. This is unprofessional on all levels.

    You decided to take orders from your customers even though you had not been green lighted from Sony and the product was pending approval.

    You pretty much LIED when you reached to us on December 18th saying that you changed sea freight to air freight and aim to send the gear before years ends.

    I ordered 1500 euro worth of products on November 7th 2023 and since you don't have practice of sending out partial orders, I have received nothing for more than 2 months just because of DD+ fiasco.

    With the next update I expect you to provide some kind of compensation for this situation, otherwise I will cancel my order.

  • Yeah, I don't know how to read this. I see a bit of a brag about it being the first Sony Product to use the electronics, but and excuse for the delay? It also reads as if it won't be the first to make it to market. Or does it just mean we shouldn't expect any updates in the next two weeks?

    Also a note to anyone who preordered with BF deals or anything else that is stuck in limbo. Fanatec policies and past experience has been enough for me to never order anything not in stock or pre-order with any other items. It's just too unreliable. I've never experienced anything like this DD+ delay, however it does highlight my trust in their system.

    Good Faith would be for them to go back through all the orders that are attached to DD+ orders and offer to ship them now or wait.

    It's also probably time for them to change that policy. They ship then all in separate boxes anyways.

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    Why not consider providing customers with the option to receive their products at their own discretion and offering future firmware updates for PS5? Your company could have managed this situation without receiving so much negative reviews by establishing a practical late-March release date or a later one. Your company could have surprised customers with an early product approval and easily earned reputation and satisfaction. However, the decisions being made seem insanely stupid and imprudent as you repeatedly set high expectations but failed to deliver on promises every single time. Stop fucking giving false hopes. Each push back of the release of DD+ only tarnishes your reputation.

  • First time customer with Fanatec (Purchase Date: 12/26/23) - This is disappointing! I worked hard to save up and to upgrade my setup from a logitech g923 to the DD+, CS Formula V2.5 Wheel, CS V3 Pedals, and QR2. I then realized after my almost $2k purchase that I needed the CS Pedal Brake Performance Kit. Well the Brake Performance Kit came in and can't even install on my pedals as they sit at the warehouse waiting to ship out with the DD+. You would think they would at least ship me my pedals I ordered to get things rolling. Now my invoice is saying a preorder availability date of Feb, 29, 2024. I am a patient person but this is stupid. You can't just take my money and spill the beans that your waiting for Sony's approval but you did and need to own up to it and make this right with your customers. Definitely not alright in my book but what can I do but wait until you ship it. I just hope and pray that you don't send me one that has issues that a lot of folks are having after waiting all this time. 

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