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  • Hmmmm, I'll look at and make some adjustments to the setup to see if that resolves the issue. I think this is the exact setup I had before I updated the software... I'll make the changes and see what happens. Thank you Maurice - you are a legend.


  • When you click Game Profile and Load a profile it becomes active, you can see this towards the top of the Fanalab window. The only way to make it unactive is to close Fanalab. Be nice if there was a unload button.

  • And what settings should then be activated when you unload the profile?

    I dont see any Sense in this..

  • I'm sure this has been suggested, or may even be planned and I just didn't see it - but are there plans to allow us to add unsupported titles to Fanalab? Just so it loads our profiles when it detects the .exe?

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    I would really like the ability to turn off the rev lights entirely for just the wheelbase. I have a CSL Elite V1.1 and those lights are blinding. I really like being able to use the RPM value which seems to work for GT cars. I turned it up to 20k for all of the values on the wheelbase which seems to work well enough.

    I am not sure if this request has been made before but Assetto Corsa Competizione just introduced a Lumitrax to the car's dash and I had a thought that would be fantastic if possible but I would like to turn the RPM LED's on the wheel to Yellow Flag notifications. A bit more detail to my idea is to set the 9 LED's across that bar to denote which sector has the yellow flag by breaking it up into groups of 3.

  • The RPM LEDs can not be used for Telemetry based features - this can only be made for the FlagLEDs.

  • At this time that’s true but it can also tell me when I’m in the pit and when I have the limiter on so it isn’t a stretch to think this is a possible future feature.

  • ... is it wishful thinking to think we may have a new version this month..?

  • Are there any plans to be able to use the side LED's of the Formula V2 wheel for flags or other things or anything useful in rFactor2?

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with this version (1.54.5) in "tuning menu".


    DD2 + Formula 1 limited edition

    Pc Driver: 402

    WB FW: 684

    SW FW: 40

    WQR FW: 6

    When I launch fanalab and after my wheelbase, I can change parameters but I can't change the "Device set up" (impossible to select).

    When I launch my wheelbase and after Fanalab, I have an access to "Device set up" but I can't develop the wheelbase parameter !?!?!?

    I forgot to do anything ???

    Thanks ;)

  • What is Device set up?

  • I use my podium DD2 with the formula F1 and the clubsport pedal first version (aluminium color), shifter thrustmaster and handbrake Heusinkveld. All is connected on my pc windows 10 64bits with triple screen.

    Thank for your help.

  • Still dont understand the issue.

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    Lately, the steering wheel also causes EXTREME FPS break-ins in IRacing every 4-5 races as soon as I steer. As soon as I steer my FPS falls into the basement, as well as the graphics card is totally busy. I stop moving the steering wheel and everything goes back to normal. As soon as I restart the wheelbase this error disappears.

    Likewise, since the new IRACING update Fanalab regularly crashes, the steering wheel also passes commands in IRacing although I don't press buttons

    W10 - 19042.867

    Wheelbase 2.5

    XBOX Universal HUB

    V3 Pedals


  • Hello Maurice,

    Thanks for your help. Pictures is better for explanation !!!

    When I start Fanalab before the wheelbase (when I change SETUP on the wheel, nothing change):

    I can't change "DEVICE SET UP" and if I change SETUP on my wheel nothing change in Fanalab

    When I start wheelbase before Fanalab:

    I can change "DEVIS SET UP" on Fanalab and on my wheel but I can't develop the parameters below.


  • Am I the only one with Fanalab 1.54.4 crashing if I end up switching mode (PC/CS 2.5/Xbox)?? I like to switch between Dirt Rally 2 and Forza Horizon 4 and the simulators like iRacing and AMS. Each time I switch mode, Fanalab crash... anyone else?

    Also, I agree with the comment above, what is going with Fanalab not being able to properly minimize or stay minimized?

  • SAME HERE! Since 2 Day (NEW WINDOWS UPDATE) Switch my Universal hub automatic Xbox Mode while im Driving Iracing.

  • Sorry for the stupid question but would Windows 10 s work to update the driver's?


  • Just posting the AppCrash logs from Fanalab v1.54.5.

    Not sure what's going on but they're all pointing to

    Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name



  • Will we ever be able to create costume dashboards on the BME?

  • Will Fanalab's next update include the ability to save the clutch bite point for that profile?

  • Dear Fanalab,

    I have Fanalab V1.54.5 and having problems saving the Tuning menu in Active Profile

    If in Profile A I select Device Setup 1 and make changes and then go to Device Setup 5, make changes and save this Profile, this is ok. But if I then open Profile B and look at Device Setup 1, then the Tuning menu is the same as Profile B Device setup 5.

    So it is not possible to save Profiles safely. Is this something that is known?

    Kind regards,


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  • you can't save profiles into the TM Setups of your wheel, Setups get saved automatically if you exit them, but once you loaded a profile in Fanalab those settings are overwritten as long as the profile is loaded.

  • not sure if this is the right area or if it has been requested before but could we get the ability to organize profiles in Fanalab? say you play iRacing and ACC you could make folders for each game, then manufacturer, then car model.

  • thats not planned for now, no. Alsopersonally I dont see much sense in it, its enough to have all the profiles available in the Game Profile Overview Page. In the future its planned that FanaLab auto-loads the correct car specific profile though, which is much more useful than a folder structure within FanbaLab imo.

  • My Fanatec sets arrived yesterday. I could only time to mount them to my rig but i could not test them yet. I will be testing them tonight. I have a few questions. I had g920 and never used fanatec before.

    Fanatec Gear: CSW 2.5, ClubSport Pedals V3, SQ V 1.5, MCL GT3 v2, Porsche 911 GTR Podium bundle.

    Sims: PC2, AC, ACC, Raceroom, F1 2020

    1- Where can i have a pdf manual for Fanalab. I caould not find in Fanatec site. Program files does not have one either. I find one in a doc sharing site which seems for older version. I am not familiar with the acronyms. Even if they were full name, i doubt what that parameter would be for as g920 does not have those. Any additional fanatec for dummies kind of doc will be appreciated as well.

    2- In one section there is a thread for sharing settings but i majorly saw a fanatec rep (Maurice?) posting majorly for DD1 and now DD2. I also read there are settings for different wheel settings for different cars. Is there a common place where people share these setting. Especially, APP-Car specific wheel settings?

    3- I removed LGHUB from startup, Should i totally uninstall? i would like keep the drivers in case we want to play f1 2020 split screen with my sons if it does not interfere with fanalab and fanatec drivers?

    4- I removes Control.Json form ACC for a clean start. I am not sure what else i need to remove in ACC or in other sims?

    5- Unfortunately people use this forum majorly for complains rather then information sharing, I am curious what people generally assign to their on wheel buttons? Majorly for MCL v2 and 911 GTR but i have button boxes so i can get inspiration from all wheels.

    Sorry for train of questions here. i did not want to create 5 different post and mess the forum.

    Thx in advance

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