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    @Maurice Böschen

    I didn't find it updated / bound to the new car automatically like you mentIon.

    So I closed Fanalab and then I extracted and put the new CarsList_iRacing.xml into the Documents/Fanatec/Update folder and then started Fanalab after that I then imported the new car file but it didn't show the bound green car symbol beside it. I closed and restarted Fanalab to see if that would do it but it still didn't show the green bound car symbol beside it.

    I had to select "toggle car list", then I had to select the [Legacy] Dallara IR-05 from the iRacing Car List, then I had to click Add car to profile and it now shows in the list of profiles that it is bound with the green car symbol.

    Interestingly when you toggle the iRacing car list to on it also shows a green symbol beside the [Legacy] Dallara IR-05 entry that there are cars bound to this profile but none of the other entries have that beside them. (see screen shot)

    Not sure what I've done wrong any help appreciated.

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    You seem to not have also updated my new updated ProfileCarsList_iRacing.xml file. That would have directly bound the renamed car to the renamed profile. ;)

    The green icon showing that the profile is bound to a profile is correct. It shows that the Legacy Dallara IR-05 is bound to the specific profile you currently have selected. If you click on a different profile then you will see other cars having the green binding icon for that specific profile.

  • @everyone who gets the issue with FanaLab crashing on start: Before you proceed with the folder delete in the registry, could you please first export that registry folder (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Endor\PodiumSuite) before before deleting it so the devs can analyse whats wrong with your specific registry entry which lets FanaLab crash? Thx!

  • Mhm, thats a very weird one.

    When the issue happens again, can you please have a look at the Live Telemetry (Settings -> View Telemetry Feed) to see which CarId is shown there, so if FanaLab reads the wrong CarId? Because the CDALP feature loads the cars / profiles which are bound to the CarId so the only explanation I have is that a wrong CarId is read so the wrong car gets loaded...

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Could it be related to spectating other cars?

    Something which could help with analyzing the issue:

    1. Go to settings of FanaLab in the top right
    2. Scroll down and open the "Telemetry Feed"
    3. Have a look at which car gets detected when you are in a multiplayer session, if it changes and when.
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    FanaLab does not come with profiles for every car, you either need to create a profile for a car which you then bind to a car or you import settings from someone else like the ones Maurice posted at the beginning of this thread to then link one of them to a car.

  • The CDALP is a welcome addition - it actually now provides a compelling use case for Fanalab.

    However Fanalab still does not scale properly, I know I can work around this by setting my display properties to suit Fanalab, but that is not a solution - would be nice to see this fixed. I use a 4k monitor set to the recommended by Windows 300% magnification and this works well for every application I have installed - except Fanatec's!

    Also this version of Fanalab causes a Windows Defender Smartscreen Protection notification. I don't recall this previously and suspect that this version has been incorrectly signed. Easy to workaround but should not have been released like this and needs fixed.

    And it would be good to see the full Fanalab manual that everyone has forgotten about (and some don't believe ever existed!) updated and reintroduced - more important than ever now that the functionality offered is becoming increasingly advanced. Fanalab is easy enough to use once you know how but is not intuitive - especially for new users and if one wishes to benefit from the more advanced features. I know the basics have been touched on here but the application needs documentation - Fanatec originally recognised this requirement by launching with a full manual, but then dropped the ball! Rewriting it would be a day's work for one of the dev team and would be really helpful for everyone - users and support. Much easier to tell people to RTFM than repeatedly answer the same questions.

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    Thanks for the feedback, some valid points which are already on our list.

    "except Fanatec's!" does that mean the scaling is also not working right for you with the Driver Control Panel?

    We are currently overhalling the backend of FanaLab while adding new features with the goal of then having major changes to the UI. How its currently done makes scaling very difficult and time consuming which is why it wasn't done yet even though being on the list of wanted things for very long and I agree that its over due. This is also partially the reason why the manual was not adapted yet because in the back of our heads we know that we want FanaLab to be structured differently and are preparing for that. Another reason for the manual lacking with updates was that we ware relaying a lot (maybe too much?) on mouse hover hints to explain things. But seems like those mouse hover hints are not enough or people don't check them out. I quite like how the iRacing UI integrated a manual/tour into itself and I think something similar could help FanaLab as well which would be way more helpful than a PDF manual but will be quite extensive to add and won't make sense to do before the general UI changes.

    I don't see too many people asking for the manual but I agree that it can be a bit overwhelming at first getting into it. We will have a look and try to update the manual with the latest changes/additions as the changes to the UI will probably take some time.

  • Oh, that autoload... exactly what I was dreaming about.

    And thanks for your profiles too, man.

  • I think the Control Panel scales okay - don't recall just now and it is less important as there is no need to keep it running, I was referring to Fanalab where the lack of scaling causes real issues. I have a tiny secondary monitor which I'd like to use to host Fanalab but I can't access the save button. Happy to hear about the rest of the roadmap - all sounds promising.

  • Hello I noticed when I change the language it cancels the manipulation in the registry. I am obliged to leave fanalab in English for who can launch this. I hope this can help you a little, cordially.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    You mean FanaLab only launches in English and you have problems when setting it to a different language? When you did set it to another language, deleting the folder does not work?

    Maybe the issue comes from using a different language than english before updating to 1.69?

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    Yeah no problem, I'll jump into some more official practice sessions this afternoon and check the telemetry feed in fanalab as i do.

    i'm not sure i know what you mean by spectating other cars though Marcel? all i've been doing is jumping in to an official practice as normal and then checking fanalab to see which car was loaded.

    i'm also in a multi-class hosted session tonight so i'll let you know the behaviour in that scenario as well

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't see the updated ProfileCarsList_iRacing.xml file. So I should of put both the files in the Update folder? Is there any need to do it now or as I've manually linked them there is no need now?

  • To be able to use Fanalab 1.69, coming from version 1.66, I had to manipulate the registry so that the software would launch. It is installed in English, I made it pass in French and the crash at launch. I do the registry manipulation the fanalab launches correctly but in English and if I put it back in French it will not launch.

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    No, the update feature is ONLY for a new official CarsList which is completely independent of my profiles!

    My profiles are not "official" (at least currently), therefore no "offiicial" way to update anything related to them. ;)

    The updated GameProfileList_iracing.xml file would have been needed to be placed in the xml folder, but no need anymore as you already bound the new car to the profile.

  • Had time to check now and can confirm that the Control Panel also does not scale. Like I said, less of an issue as it is only used to launch the updater - but it should scale properly -and your question makes me think that you though that this had no scaling issue.

  • Hi, I have the same problem, if I put in French, it doesn't work. Just the fanatec logo that launches and after nothing!

  • Simon AttrillSimon Attrill Member
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    so here is a screenshot of the behaviour. i'm loading into a vrs practice session but for some reason the telemetry sees a different car (in this case the merc)

    the screenshot was taken as soon as the session was loaded, i didn't hit any other settings or views before this was taken. hopping into a single car test drive session right after and the CarID is showing correct as the lambo

  • Ah, OK, d'oh. I had to import all PWS files, and voila, everything worked now. Thanks, I'm a Fanalab newbie and the instructions weren't quite clear in that regard. I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Thanks again and happy holidays!

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    Thank you both for your input, with these reports we found the root cause of the crash and the crash is indeed related to the selected language of the hints!

    The French and the Italian hints had one simple dot at the end of a line which caused the whole program to not start but crash.

    Attached you can find the French and the Italian hints. When you copy/paste them into the FanaLab strings folder (C:\Programs (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\strings) then FanaLab will start properly again.

    There might be a Hotfix release coming soon with the new hints included but I dont know if we can release it before or after christmas as we also want to fix the issue with Windows Defender Smartscreen notification and want to analyze the issue with the wrong detected CarId in iRacing which might need more time than available tomorrow. But at least with these hint files everyone can get FanaLab to start now without the need to delete the registry folder.

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    What happens when you jump into the car in the vrs practice session? Is FanaLab then reporting your car and loads the profile where you have the car bound to or is it still showing the ID of a wrong car from someone else in that session? Could be that the Telemetry always gets the ID of the car which you currently spectate in the session but when you then jump into the car the correct ID gets sent from the game to the Telemetry Reader.

    EDIT: nvm, I was able to reproduce it and no, it wont detect the correct CarId when jumping into the car. That's indeed...Not good. Dev needs to dive deep into the telemetry reader code to analyze what's wrong here.

  • Simon AttrillSimon Attrill Member
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    sounds good, i'm glad you could reproduce it. do you think it is specific to vrs sessions or could it apply to all sessions with more than one car type?

    when i do the hosted session tonight i'll let you know if the behaviour is the same as with the vrs session

    might be worth adding this to the known issues at the start of this thread as well so it doesn't catch anyone out when they're jumping into officials

  • It's not limited to vrs practice session but to all online sessions. It's no issue in AI sessions though... That's the weird part...

  • Thanks for the Profiles Maurice. Fantastic as always!

    Someone reached out to me about RF2 not autoloading cars properly. I don't race RF2 but I went to test it myself and noticed the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car files in the ProfileCarsList_rf2 xml file was causing Fanalabs to immediately crash anytime I clicked on RF2 in fanalabs. After removing only the Audi files, the crash no longer persisted. Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Thats actually very weird, Just tried it and all rF2 profiles get loaded correctly when the telemetry was properly enabled by clicking on the two green buttons on the game profile tab to enable telemetry and enable FanaLab support. No crash for me...

    From what I see its the only profile which includes a "&" letter in the profile name compared to the others, maybe in specific language regions that letter causes troubles. Will upload a version without that letter in a bit, would be nice if you could give it a try if its still crashing, then the culprit is somehwere else.

  • Here the new rF2 profile pack with the Audi profile renamed and adapted ProfileCarsList.

    Would be great if you could give it a quick test to see if its still crashing with this Audi profiles... THX!

  • Hey Maurice,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I've tried the new RF2 ProfileCarsList and it no longer causes Fanalab to crash. It also doesn't have the green car symbol next to the profile that would indicate it will autoload and match the car. After I removed the 2018 & 2019 Naming in the fanalab profile, it has the symbol and seems to be okay now.

  • Can't edit my last message but that was my fault. I only changed the xml files and was still using the old profile. I didn't load the new profiles in your zip file. My mistake for doing it in a rush before leaving the house lol.

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    Works great so far except for windows smart screen complaining about the installer. @FanatecDevs You need to sign your binaries with a ev certificate. EV certificates gain you instant trust with windows smart screen and stop that message from showing up.

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