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  • Hi, good day! First of all Maurice, thanks for all your great work with these profiles!

    Only one question about compatibility and issues related...

    Are these new profiles compatibles with fanalab v1.66?

    If they are used with v1.66 could be the reason to have an issue with my f1 steering wheel (podium base DD1)... The issue was a disconnection from the sequencial shifters or paddles.... The paddles shifters went out of work while I was in a iracing race... After turn off the base and turn on again the paddles shifters work fine again....

    Maybe the issue is a base or steering wheel fault?

    Thanks a lot in advance and Happy Christmas!!

  • Disconnected Shifter inputs is a hardware issue and not related to FanaLab.

  • Ok Maurice, thanks a lot! I will try to see the hardware forum issues, and to send a mail or ticket to fanatec support.

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    Anyone figured out a fix for Fanalab auto loading the wrong car? Happens every time in iRacing GT4. Example: driving Porsche Cayman, Fanalab loads the Aston etc.

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    You cant fix this on your own. That's an unfortunate Bug deep in the Telemetry Reader code and must be investigated by the Fanatec Dev in the middle of January.

  • Hello , everything works well until ams2 loads car onto track then Fanalab freezes with a mismatch wheel , base, pedals notification? all the auto profiles are lit green but freezes before loaded . I'm using a porsche gt3 R , DD1 with podium button box porsche rim and clubsport pedals, all lit up in fanalab. Until freeze when car loads into garage. Cheers thanks ia set the custom profile to as per read me.

  • Disable the device mismatch warning on profile auto load in the settings.

    Or even better: overwrite the profiles with your correct hardware to also not get this warning when loading the profile manually.

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    Yes, I automated change in BRF for the AMS2 profiles using BBEdit. It's simple - run a multi file search to find and replace in the directory where the files are that you want to change. In my case I did a find and replace - find <BRF>\d\d</BRF> replace with <BRF>95</BRF>

    /d is the BBEdit wild card for any digit. You'd just need to change the strings for the parameters you want to change.

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    Thank you Maurice ,works great , just 1 question please, in rFactor 2 , setting 100 car specific ffb and 60 ffb strength as per readme. It is to strong for me so which should I reduce, ffb strength or car specific ffb? Cheers mate. The ffb feels good but the wheel feels heavy if that makes sense.

  • Honestly I have no idea, you need to try it out for yourself.

  • Many thanks for these 👍️

    Just got issues with three of the Profile Cars List, ProfileCarsList_rF2.xml, ProfileCarsList_F1_2021.xml, ProfileCarsList_AMS2.xml, as these are the only ones to crash and I did uninstall Fanalab just in case before updating to Fanalab-v1.69.1 . The profiles are working fine so I was wondering if I have done anything wrong which you can help me with?

    For AMS2 I've put the file in the correct folder has AMS2 was my priority as I thought that might help but unfortunately this didn't improve things 🙄

    Your readme files for each profile as previously are easy to follow and I haven't had an issue previously making then work so I'm not sure what the issue is this time round.

    I need text much appreciated

  • Hi, I'm quite new to Fanalab so this ma have been asked before.

    I have only noticed this issue in iracing so far. I import a setup into Fanalab and it says successful, but does not show up in the list.

    If I try to import again it says it exists.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    New CarsList_AMS2.xml file for the new cars which were just released together with latest AMS2 Game Update & New DLC Packs.

    Installation instructions: 

    In your Documents folder you will find a folder called "Fanatec". In this folder is another folder called "Update".

    Simply extract the attached and copy/paste the included new xml file into that "Update" folder with FanaLab being closed. On the next start of FanaLab it will update the cars list.

    This new list of course will also be directly implemented in the next FanaLab releases going forward.

    - Brabham BT49

    - Brabham BT52

    - Brabham BT62

    - Corvette C8 Z06

    - Formula Classic Gen3 Model4

    - Formula Classic Gen3 Model4 - Low Downforce

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model1

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model1 - Low Downforce

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model2

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model2 - Low Downforce

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model3

    - Formula Classic Gen4 Model3 - Low Downforce

    - Lotus 98T

    - McLaren MP4/4

    - McLaren MP4/5B

    - McLaren MP4/5B - Low Downforce

    - McLaren MP4/6

    - McLaren MP4/6 - Low Downforce

    - McLaren Senna

    - Nissan R89C

    - Nissan R89C - Low Downforce

    - Nissan R390 GT1

    - Nissan R390 GT1 - Low Downforce

    - Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

  • OKAY does this mean we need to wait for new profiles and custom profiles As it's still crushing Fanalab for me even with this new car list?

  • When reporting crashes please ALWAYS update Windows Event Log files of the crashes, otherwise it is simply impossible to analayze as its working fine for everyone else so something on your system is causing the crash.

    There will be new profiles later today or tomorrow for the new cars, yes, but they wont change anything wqhen your system is causing some weird crash for whatever reason. Try without my profiles and run FanaLab without them for now, before middle of January no Dev could analyze anyway.

  • no problem and many thanks for all your help and the DEVs Just take it easy till the new year. I should have not pushed this it is a beta build anyway it's just the fact that others are not reporting an issue So I felt I would give it a try👍️

  • New Fanalab version is a good and unexpected step forward (CDALP,very welcome). But like I read in previous comments, I also have no more wheel vibration (I used it for rev limiter, in ACC). Just double checked my settings, BLI is off everywhere and wheel vibration on on every cars profile. I've a CSW 2.5.

  • Last update this year: Another new profile pack with new AMS2 profiles (for a total of now 324 profiles) for the most recent FanaLab version 1.69.1 with CDALP.



    • Added 12 new AMS2 Official Car profiles:
      • Brabham BT49
      • Brabham BT52
      • Brabham BT62
      • Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06
      • Lotus 98T
      • McLaren MP4/4
      • McLaren MP4/5B
      • McLaren MP4/6
      • McLaren Senna
      • Nissan R89C
      • Nissan R390 GT1
      • Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
    • Added newly supported ABS FlagLEDs to the AMS2 profiles where the car supports them since newest game update:
      • Mercedes-AMG GT3
      • Mercedes-AMG GT4
    • Added newly supported Wheel Lock FlagLEDs to the AMS2 profiles where the car supports them since newest game update:
      • BMW M8 GTE
      • Chevrolet Corvette C8.R
      • Porsche 911 RSR GTE
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the AMS2 BMW M8 GTE profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the Porsche 911 RSR GTE profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the McLaren 720S GT3 profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Adjusted some values on the ffb_custom_settings.txt file for AMS2 (note: the core is still based on the great Daniekart V44 file because in general I like the V44 version more than his newest V46. However, he made great improvements in some parts of the file so I decided to take some of the new values and change them in my file to create a hybrid version with the best of both files).
    • Adjusted the RevLEDs of the iRacing Porsche 911 GT3 R profile according to changes made in newest game update.
    • Added missing Max Force value in the iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 profile.
    • Renamed the iRacing [Legacy] IndyCar Dallara - 2009 profile to [Legacy] Dallara IR-05, with adapted ProfileCarsList.
    • Renamed the rF2 Audi R8 GT3 LMS profile due to a CTD caused by a & letter in the name, with adapted ProfileCarsList.

    I wish everyone a happy new year and a great start into 2023!

  • Does this zip file contain all the previous cars or is each file separate. Thank you for your work Maurice ,Cheers and Happy New Year 2023.

  • It's a full package with everything I have ever released.

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    I'm new to so might be stupid question but appriciate if someone want to explain. In the car list in fanalab for example all porsche isn´t in the list. There are more in the profile list than in the car list?

  • Sorry, ams2 :) Forgot to say thank you, amazing work!

  • In the CarsList there should be 10 Porsche Cars.

    In The ProfileCarsList there are more Porsche Cars because of Mod Cars, so no official content. For this Mod Cars There is a different CarsList_Custom as only official content belongs in the official CarsList.

  • @Maurice

    Thanks for the fanalab profiles greatly appreciated, can you just explain this to me do I need to change anything, the FFB in most games and cars feels very strong?

    Calculation to adapt FFB settings to DD1: Tuning Menu FFB value of the Base multiplied with 1.25 (e.g. FFB 60 x 1.25 = FFB 75). No need to adjust in game settings.

  • fanalab open but crashes when my DD1 is switched on and closes , if my dd1 is on and i launch fanalab it opens then closes using V1.69.1 i have deleted the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Endor\PodiumSuite folder in registry for Fanalab 1.69 made no difference -tried starting dd1 without wheel attached does the same - fanatec control panel sees wheel perfectly fine

  • hi maurice, thank you for all you do. I have a problem with some profiles in iRacing. (BMW GT3 and Porsche GT3), with my base csw 2.5. these profiles do not load automatically and if I do them manually it gives me this error

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    That is because my profiles are designed for Podium DD ONLY and not Belt Bases and they are saved with different devices than you use. You have to do what the pop-up tells you to do to not get this pop-up shown anymore: Save the profile with your hardware ;)

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